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If you have seen some of the rest of this website and some of those linked to it you will see that in order to achieve a lot, we need both large numbers of people to work with us in providing the range of information and services, and also to make people aware that this is all available to them.

In practical terms it is far better to promote and tell people about individual clubs, services and projects, than about this large concept, partly real and partly imaginary called New Atlantis.

Real single projects and clubs, most people can see a need for, perhaps it can help them or someone they care about, or maybe they can see that they could help in providing the service. In most cases these don't need selling, but spreading the word about. Some organizations and clubs have a policy against selling and is only open to new members through introductions from existing members.

There are some clubs such as the Self Build Homes Club that have projects based upon promoting itself and spreading the word about what it can do to help people, rewarding those involved in promoting it, generously. This is largely because they need people who join to be committed, so they don't want to just advertise and collect members, but allow prospective members to find out more about the club before they join.

However very many of the direct projects and clubs run by New Atlantis itself, does not receive enough promotion, so a far smaller percentage of the population know about them, than could benefit or enjoy becoming involved.

We have so many interesting projects and ideas that there are sure to be some that you find interesting and would like to tell others about, if so why don't you  do just that.

Telling your friends and relatives is of course as much helping them as it is us.

If you feel that you have the time and interest in promoting one or more in a larger way then we would be delighted to work with you. Each of you will have ranges of activities that you could enjoy, from those who enjoy emailing and could point out to every website with links and many others that they should consider a link to one or more of our sites, or a person who enjoys a party who would like to organize dinner parties or party plan style fun events.

Would you like to help out at public events, perhaps assisting someone putting on a free public presentation, or helping out on a stand at a show or conference. If so please let us know. 

Perhaps you like the look of something, a club, projects, whatever but its not operation in your area. Of course you could help us to bring it to your area, or alternatively you could promote the need for others to do just that.

Want to take on more, in a far larger way, then talk to NAISC New Atlantis International Services Corporation, they have the task of commissioning large scale promotions, handling franchises, major PR campaigns and more, that can become a most enjoyable as well as profitable life style.

We are also delighted to hear your ideas, particularly if you are proposing to join in and carry them out, rather than just suggesting another way we could do things. 

Remember tomorrow never comes so talk to us today about becoming involved.