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Self Build

Self Build is a concept programme that has been being developed over many years. This concept is based around the idea that people can achieve a lot when they are empowered to do more for themselves, or as a part of a group.

Take a worst case situation a major disaster, everyone is siting around waiting for someone to sort it all out, but stop and think, why don't these people just get together and get started at resolving the problem. Ok its not that simple, they may be traumatized, they may lack resources or the local government may not allow them to do much. But as a concept you can see it has merit in exploring further.

The same can be applied to an area people don't like living in, nothing for young people to do, so set something up, too much graphitie, so clean it up, poor environment so do something about it. 

What about traffic problems and gridlock, why not use car pools and share cars.

Of course most people just throw up there hands and say they cant do it on their own.

So what could they do on their own, could they become a part of something, could they set up a service, could they run a small business. What can they do to improve things for themselves.

Some are highly motivated and to them this concept will be something that has little new to offer, they are already actively involved in improving their own lives and that of their family.

From others we hear about too much responsibility, too much risk, haven't got the time, don't have the skills, don't have the money, worried about the stress involved, and not having the confidence to do a lot.

But what if they were not alone, and most of these obstacles was removed,

  • Pool effort
  • pool time available
  • pool resources
  • pool skills, and learn a new one
  • raise the seed cash needed
  • share the rewards

Then most would say yes, we could do that.

But of course nothing will happen unless someone does something to make it happen.

Many of the clubs that make up the New Atlantis family have the 'self build ' concept as one of its tools, can they empower people, motivate them, help them to make things happen for themselves.

Clearly a few will stand out such as the self build homes club, and other property related clubs. Historically perhaps it was the actors clubs that was more in the limelight creating several starts of film and others. Perhaps also authors who got their books into print or members of Business Club that set up one of several hundred companies the club helped to get going.

In the USA we set up a company Self Build LLC specifically to find ways to help people to help themselves, and yes it had interest in self building homes but was much more than that. Logically therefore when we came to the new economic model that offers so many opportunities for so many more people to help themselves by becoming a partner in one of the joint venture consortiums, then self build LLC was the natural choice to act s packager for mush of what was previously a part of New Atlantis or other organizations where we can see section, clubs and opportunities are better offered as joint venture consortium partnerships. To balance the interests of everyone involved Property Club International, being interested in all  types of property rights from real estate to software, authors rights and business concepts, was the natural organization to approve the designs  or look for changes as Self Build llc and others developed them.

Consortiums have enormous security, strength and a pool of abilities, add this to a formula where there are rewards for those involved and structured so they can become involved alongside other activities and ou can see just about anyone could be involved if they wanted to.

So what is stopping us implement many more projects, what about the unemployed or single mothers with not a lot of money and a load of time of their hands why cant they do tasks for each other, utilizing their skills and improving all their lives?

One of the problems people frequently raise in relation to 'self build' concepts is the unevenness of input from different people and not wanting to be taken advantage of. This however can be quite easily overcome by any local group by just using a bartering scheme, the work you put in earns you barter points and the activities that are done for you uses them up.

In reality the holding factor is just that very rarely will anything happens unless someone organizes and motivates it. The same group are themselves deprived can often raise money for charity or some other cause, and in many cases this will be given to an organization to use to pay well off people to work in their city center offices. 

We believe that there is enormous scope for  the self build concept to be further applied, around the world at all levels, in some cases including bartering in others just providing the motivation to make things happen. A single person with the will to organize and motivate a group or club can involve quite quickly quite large numbers of people, and within the club scene we have seen a number of problems where a coupe of people have soon been dealing with thousands of people, and one project where over 10,000 people were involved.

This level of success is of course often the cause of projects to fold outside on the New Atlantis family, the people who set it up just cannot administer at and cost grow disproportional, so it all folds, with criticism those who put in the effort often vow never to do so again. As a part of the New Atlantis family its no so much a problem with service providers you can call upon and the concept of splitting out sections as separate entities, projects can grow and the founders still stay involved on the tasks they like.

As a concept 'Self Build' does offer us all so much more, and as time passes and more work is done we will find yet more ways to help people to achieve a lot for themselves.