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Holiday Property


Holidays you may feel are not important in the general schema of things, when we have so many other interests and projects, like helping people increase their wealth, obtain a home or a better one and sop much more. If we however look at our min objective, it is to improve the quality of peoples lives and holidays definitely do that for great many people.


We have a range of projects aimed specifically at helping people to have a holiday property, have a share of or the use of holiday property. The reason why holiday property has been concentrated on is that this is often the side of  holidays that people find turns them from being a major improvement to their lives to a major frustration and disappointment. it is also an area that overlaps nicely with so much more we are doing so can share many resources.


The whole of this are, like much more is being packages as joint venture consortium opportunities, and new partners found to run it. The advantages of being a partner is explained elsewhere, so we will not duplicate the discussion here.


So what would be your ideal holiday property. Most will want something that is well maintained, pleasant, reasonably quite and balanced location wise near enough to get to things without a long journey, but quiet enough to sleep and easy to park.  There may be some variations for example a family may have slightly different needs to a young couple and a wildlife photographer may have a different need to a person interested in cooking themselves on the beech.


If it is your property or you are apart of a group or club that owns it, you will also have other concerns. You will want it somewhere where there is sufficient demand throughout the year to get occupancy rates up, you will want it to be secure when unoccupied and want to limit the risk of others being able to steal it or a part of it off you 


Here we don't want to cover all the developments that could help you to become involved either economically or profitably. however we can give just a brief outline of a few projects in development or operation.



Owning property on your own see Overseas Self Build Club, build, convert or renovate a home at often a fraction of the cost you would expect.  also see Property Pension Club website, this has a lot of information on selecting a country and which countries to avoid getting property in.

Invest in overseas property - see syndicates that do this, one under development even already owns two nice properties in the USA a 4 bedroom detached house and a 2 bedroom detached bungalow. 

As a part of a pension  - see the section on the property pension clubs website covering this.

Use of holiday property - see the syndicate mentioned above most of the properties they are obtaining will be able to be rented. Also see the holiday property club, a little more on this is below.


More syndicates including one to jointly own a hotel are being developed. Just imagine being able to visit a hotel you are a apart owner of, dine in the dinning room or take your friends of family away, even have a private party there.



A new club has been created, company set up and web sites created. this is called the Holliday Property Club.


It has not yet been launched as we originally wanted to leave resources available for other clubs to grow, but now it has been handed to self Build LLC to package as a consortium so partnership opportunities may also be available soon. A large website has already been developed, so once started this should be operational very quickly.


We anticipate it will be launched  in 2006.


This covers the whole range of holiday property transactions from investments to property for your own use, new builds and renovations, as well as shared ownership arrangements to allow you to part own properties on far more favorable terms to any systems currently on offer. We expect a rapid take-up when launched being so much more favorable than other schemes available and its because of this that we don't want to risk diverting to many resources from other clubs and projects.


It will most likely have points scheme, probably sharing arrangement with the Self Build Homes Club and some others.