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The 50-50 organization is a New Atlantis Trust partnership, this means it is run by a group of other members of New Atlantis, rather than formed as a stand alone organization.  It has two roles, the newer role is as central repository for databases and exchanges for the New Atlantis family. The most obvious of these is the central section of the bartering exchange, which has to be managed and run by someone for the rest to be able to link through.

At the rime of writing this was still being fully defined, and so full information is not yet available, the most up to date information on developments in this area are likely to be found on the New Atlantis International Services corporation website at 

Its second older role is running  a classified sales site which sells items for people, and they receive 50% of the proceeds, the other 50% going to a charity or good cause of their choice New Atlantis does not make anything from this. In practice over time this side will be handled by a part of the bartering operation, probably as a part of a consortium set up to handle classified and other sales, where people can choose to get the full price, or 50%.

The older part of 50-50

The idea is really simple, someone sells something and gives half of what they receive to a good cause of their choice. 

There are many reasons why this will appeal:

  • You are not normally into selling surplus items and the motivation to convert some of it to funds for your favorite cause motivates you, plus getting some back for a treat for yourself or to buy other items through the scheme benefiting more good causes.
  • The fact that good causes benefit will bring in large numbers to see your free advertising often means the amount you get to keep, even after giving half to a good cause is at least the same, when compared to advertising expenditure, but with no risk. 
  • An ideal way to promote bargain deals, cars, homes etc that need some or even a lot of work done on them.
  • You have something to sell that you don't feel you can just give  to a charity shop, but likewise would like a charity or non profit cause to benefit from the sale.
  • You are a fund raiser looking for a way to get more income for your cause, and see that by sharing the sale revenue with the seller, they feel they have got something back themselves. It is also a far easier topic to get volunteers to raise with others.

And so many more.

We have created a whole web site just to run this project, with a second web site handling e-mail forwarding of responses. This site is and at Currently this covers just UK trades, but other New Atlantis communities or volunteers around the world may also copy this format.  If you would like to run a site like 50-50 for your country, then let us know and we will talk about helping you to set it up and run it, we can provide the web site, forwarding arrangements and far more, but it involves a lot of work, publishing in effect a weekly updated site. If this interests you look at 50-50 first then email us with your ideas at ?????????????????? and we will get back to you. Website allocation and use in this area  may change.

This projects is being redefined and modifies so watch out on this page for an updated definition. We could also do with someone with the time and interest to run this.