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How we work 

Now and the future

Now and the future

In this section we want to explain a little of how we, the New Atlantis family, work. A second page explaining how we have worked over the last few years is also available from the button above which perhaps helps to explain how this concepts came about.


We operate under a model that we call the new economic model, this is really just a grand title for a philosophy and a set of agreements between organizations, clubs, businesses and others that make up the New Atlantis family. Under this model we are taking what we have done successfully before to the next level. 


So before we had a commissioning company, that organized services, it asked some to provide and coordinated activities so that all got what they needed with minimal duplication.  Service providers undertook tasks and allowed clubs and others to achieve things that they would not have been able to do on their own.


Under the new or expanded model, more clubs and others select services from a range of suppliers, and more of these are also service providers. The commissioning companies role has changed to that of stimulating, regulating and empowering and a number of others have been franchised to look after particular areas, often looking from the viewpoint of particular groups. In addition a barter and cross accounting system has been added, allowing a running score to be kept and to allow the better use of services, both commissioned by members of the family of organizations and provided by them to their members.


The other major change has been the packaging up of most clubs and real world activates, and turning over time these into consortiums allowing far more people to acquire partnerships and participate in them on a reward basis.

The organization of New Atlantis family activities are divided into three areas

  • Real world, supervised, regulated and run by new Atlantis International Services Corporation

  • Information publishing, organized by Worldwide Library and value plus

  • Virtual; world actives, theory, virtual kingdom and more we run as New Atlantis itself.

The organization of real world activities that is of interest to the majority of people is covered on the NAISC website  This involves franchised functions, lead and normal service providers, joint venture consortiums and bartering, as well as exchanges and some registrations.


Many of the areas are franchised to others to implement, for example Property Club International (PCI), looks after the interests of people with various property interests, including software rights, authors and photographers rights and business intellectual and other rights as well as real estate. However the largest part of their activities is in checking, approving and promoting joint venture franchises. In order to avoid conflicts of interest many roles are split, so for example PCI cannot put forward packaged consortium opportunities and has to take applications from others, and the most prolific of these is Self Build LLC, who was given the task to package most of the in house clubs and activities that made up New Atlantis before, and many of the newer projects that had been in development.


So you will see some organizations or people create opportunities, some check them out, other regulate and many get the advantages at several levels.


From the end users viewpoint this is all invisible they deal with a club or organization and access services through them, it is that organization that has access to the network of service providers, and to even the organizations this is largely catered for by the way it is all set up. Normally contact is made through a service provider in their own country and even international payments are taken care off within the organization.


Over this website we will give you a greater insight to many of hr projects and activities although as so much is happening you should follow any links to get the very latest information.