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Virtual World Activities

The concept of virtual activities is one that some people have difficulty in understanding. 

We have always split our activities into real world and virtual world activities. Real world activities are those that have direct impact on people and a real club, organization or service. Up until recently all the internet developments and sites we treated as part of the virtual world, but now more people have got to use them and they have become far more central to many of the real world services, we have included them in the real world activities.

So what are virtual world activities. 

These relate to concepts and projects that exist within our minds, individually or collectively but as yet see no real chance of becoming a part of the world others outside can share.  The main two areas are the virtual kingdom and the floating continent we have been looking at building one day. Both of these are theoretical, not something that you can see or benefit directly from, but are concepts that stretch our minds and influence the way that we think about other things and even maybe run our lives.

A problem some have is in seeing the difference between the build project to build a floating continent and other projects in a development state that we class as a part of the real world. The best way for us to explain this is that the build project is not so much about constructing a series of floating islands and technology as about constructing a new form of civilization. A new way of doing things, organizing, and producing an ideal society. The new land could be anywhere, at the bottom of the ocean in glass domes, on the moon, another planet or a new piece of artificially created land on our own planet. The floating continent is just the simplest solution that is non confrontational.

The virtual kingdom exists in our collective minds, and although having a driving influence on what we do and how it gets done, as well as the concepts that allow the New Atlantis trusts, clubs and more to operate, it is not something that you need to understand or even be interested in, to participate or benefit from the real world activities. We could split this off to be another society, or service concept, and it would not effect the main real world activities, although we suspect that the flow of new projects would dry up.

From a practical viewpoint we have split up the management within the New Atlantis family of activities so that a New Atlantis International Services corporation takes care of most real world activities, the Worldwide Library, looks after on line publishing and we retain the more conceptual areas of the virtual world activities and some involvement with heading up concept projects. many other organisations have specific roles and look after specific aspects.

So why bother with splitting some items away from the others.

Well virtual world and areas we concentrate on are concepts, things that influence the way that we move ahead and the organization of New Atlantis, it means that we can creatively look at solutions to run a theoretical country rather then being stuck with the history, tradition and problems of a real one. This we can then extend into the real world, so in most cases we will see a need to solve a problem better in the virtual kingdom and from this also come to realize that we could also do more to help people in the real world.

Some have related it to raw science and applied science, where the theoretical stuff or raw concepts are played with in the virtual world, before looking for solutions to these same requirements, in the real world. In some cases we will look directly to our virtual world for inspiration, as in the case of the organization we have set up to support the clubs, which have shared resources available through a commissioning system, a concept that originated from the idea of having different communities within a floating kingdom, drawing upon various common resources. 

Many of the problem of the real world do just not exist in the virtual world, so in some ways the problem are simplified as well as different. Taking the simplest example, as we don't have to actually do anything we look at, funding is not a limiting factor, and all the other agro areas we would have, if we actually started to do something that interfaced with other people and countries, just does not exist. 

Should it be on this website

Should the detail of the virtual activities be a part of this main website is a question we ask ourselves. Up until recently it was major part of this website but we decided recently that the solution was to put a very basic introduction here, covering the activities of the New Atlantis family, and to have separate websites covering different aspects in greater detail. However we have explained a little more over a few more pages here.