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Becoming involved
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We need writers more than any other group

Everyone has some skills, some knowledge, can provide some help or able to research and document something for others.

Eventually whatever your problem, from a medical condition,  to being arrested without cause, to being asked to sit on a jury, to buying a house, to getting a book, you will find information on at least one of our sites that will help.

Within the internet you will have discovered there is a vast amount of information, however many people cannot use it, or find it, and much of it needs to be presented or indexed to make it really useful. As an individual person you or I can make a difference, but if we work together the benefits become many times the sum of our effort. 

Whatever your experience level and whatever your interest and available time, there is something that you can do. On the factual side with value-plus, or writing modern fiction as part of the worldwide-library project that can convert thousands of out of copyright works but is short of modern day material.

One idea is to use information you acquire in several ways, so consider, could you combine some research and writing and edit a topic with start-page, and then expand it further and add it into value-plus, expand it again and publish it as an ebook in the worldwide library. 

Let us have your ideas on what you would like to do either by visiting the relevant site or emailing us to talk over your interest.