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Homes for all

Providing a home for everyone in the world suitable for their climate and need is technically possible today, although on this page we are going to look more at conventional homes in English speaking western countries.

If you want to look at just what could be achieved world wide at minimal cost, then take a look at our new continent build site, this is the site that looks at the concepts and technology of creating a floating kingdom in the Atlantic, made up of a series of linked islands. This will not happen in our lifetime but is a great platform to motivate thought, ideas and of course to make you realize that your dream to build just a manor house is simple in comparison. For example one of the technologies we explore is seacrete, this involves building homes out of material that is like seashells, just by passing electricity through a wire frame immersed in seawater. We also explain how to get unlimited free electricity and how to use this to create hydrogen to drive vehicles, all with no use of resources or pollution and at very little cost. 

Lets get back to the home that you and others like you would like now, or very soon.

'Homes for all' was the concept project from which others developments came about. We realized in order to meet the needs under 'homes for all' that we needed to both stimulate the provision of new homes at affordable prices, but also the availability of quality rented homes.

To stimulate the increase in supply of well done up rentable homes was in many ways the easier half of this, in that we have been able to promote concepts around 'buy to let',  and in recent years the use of buy to let property as a mans of providing a pension. While some years back we were having difficulty in some countries, but not the USA, in convincing people that this was a sound investment idea, in more recent times with the failure of stock based schemes to measure up, this has really taken off. In the UK we have further stimulated this by the developments of the Property Pension Club. the concepts behind this is fairly straight forward of using a mortgage to help get a property and renting it out at more than the cost of the mortgage, the property increases in value and you re-mortgage to get back your initial investment or to get more houses. the real secret is in clever buying, selecting ideal properties and areas where property will be in demand and prices increase. The Property Pension Clubs main website is at 

The next part of the coverage is in helping people to acquire a home of their own where they can afford to, or are able to afford just over half of the cost of a home in their chosen area. Incidentally the mortgage cost also works out under half of the rent they would be paying for the same home. This is achieved by helping them to understand and enabling them to become involved in self build. Not usually actually doing any of the building, but making the decisions and taking advantage of the process to end up with a home of the design they like, at around 40% less than others similar in the area. In practice many don't go for spending less but instead have a larger, nicer, better equipped home at about the same cost as they could have had a smaller one. This is made possible by the Self Build Homes Club. It has work books and information to inform and help people to make the necessary decisions, and consultants who find plots or groups of plots to suit a number of members at the same time, and supports members through the difficult stages at the beginning. It would not be economic for individuals to employ this level of help, but together through a club it is a practical proposition and formula that takes away the risks and increases the margin or saving. The Self Build Homes Clubs international site is at which has links to a number of sites up and running now, and others coming on line soon. UK residents or those interested in UK property may like to look directly at the UK member suite at  and a smaller media response site set up at 

The points programme under the Self Build Homes Club allows people with no or insufficient money, to gain grants, and in the UK this is up to 200,000, they can also get other grants to cover membership joining and subscription and even digital cameras and bottles of wine, with more planned.

For those who affording a home is still not possible at the moment, due to the increase in property prices in their area,  another solution has been found by establishing the Affordable Homes Project. This non profit organization has several routes to achieve its target, to provide homes at well under half the going rate and to local people as a priority. You cannot join this, the project achieves it objectives by sharing information on its website, by acquiring land options for affordable homes to be built and by joint ventures with clubs, housing associations and developers. You can find out more by going to its website at  

Moving further ahead the next step is for a holiday home, help to acquire this is a functioned the Property Pension Club, see and another company to run another club has been registered as the Holiday Property Club. Web sites are registered and most of the web development and other work has been done now, and was ready for launch at the beginning of 2004. This club is still in development at this time as we have not wanted to pull resources away at this time form the Self Build Homes Club and Affordable Homes Project.

Along side of all of this is another international club Property Club International, who were into larger joint venture projects and working with developers and others to make large things happen. in addition there are a number of companies involved in acquiring sites and plots, as well as several development companies, but I think you will by now have got the idea as to how it all goes together.

Some roles have changed a bit, with the expansion of the new economic model, and most projects have been temporarily put on hold while they are packaged and become joint venture consortiums. In the longer term this will allow us to grow faster and help many more people as well as making some who can now become involved sufficiently wealthy that they could just go and buy a home for cash. Property Club International had grown to not only be looking at joint venture projects but also all types of property rights, not just real estate, like houses. Now they get the role of representing the interests of those involved in all types of joint venture consortiums as well as eventually other property rights from authors to software developers. New new economic model also allows more country franchises and models to be created not only allowing many more to become partners in the joint venture consortiums, and hence improve their lives to a extreme degree, but by having more people involved and active, allow the range of benefits to many more thousands of people to become available. 

You might think that we have solved a vast number of problems , but that people who would want to enjoy a number of these advantages would have to join each of these. No its simpler than that, each of these club now works together and can draw on the others help and services and from June 2005, members will be able to transfer from any one to another as they wish at no additional cost, so as to be ideally placed to get the help that will be of most use to them at the time. This option to transfer has to be confirmed by the new partners of each as they take over.

The Dream Home club, of course looks not at how to build but how to pay for and gives you very practical help and introductions to make this possible. Take  look at Upu can get the same information plus some more by joining thee Money Tree Club and the same and actual funds to get you moving in quick from the money Tree Executive Club, both with information on  All of these clubs not only sort out how to get enough to quality and pay a mortgage but also go further and work out with you how to pay off the mortgage so that you are much better off.

 So what is next

So what to the future, well the Self Build Homes Club has other national groups coming on line, Ireland for example in 2005, followed by France and Portugal is Europe and a number of Caribbean islands on the other side of the Atlantic. Once everyone feels they can cope with more demand, greater promotion for this club generally, and then taking the brakes off, that have applied to the growth of the Property Pension Club, so we could cope with requirements well.  Holliday Property Club will then launch, and then we will have some other ideas connected with buildings in developing countries to interest you, plans for this are in development now. By switching to joint venture consortiums, having more partners and more service providers so much more will be able to be done, and even faster progress made.

Another project we are looking at that we have not decided how to best cater for is in sheltered housing for the elderly, giving them independence but nearby help when needed.

Plot investment project are planned to help and  web sites registered include ,, and  temporary site loaded. outline in place, websites being developed expected launch 4th Quarter 2005, USA and Canada first, then UK, followed by Ireland and then other countries. this will also manage consortiums allowing others to invest in this profitable area. One slight delaying factor was that Self Build LLC, a USA based company was going to manage this, as well as continuing its wider role of helping people to 'self build' better lifestyles businesses etc, however it has had to drop these areas as it has taken on the major role for the New Atlantis family of acting as packager and packaging many of the clubs and sections of New Atlantis and family operations as joint venture consortiums.

........ of course the more we do, the more we see that could be done.

 so this is only the beginning of the beginning.