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Managing and Growing Money

Following a lot of research by other parts of New Atlantis and associated entities, we have reached a point where we feel it would be helpful to provided a number of collections on information on managing money and making it grow.

We are still formulating out to best do this, but the thoughts at the moment is that we should produce two sub websites, and an ability for people to form their own local clubs, with no payments to us or existing entities.

One of these sites will be what might be called a citizens finance section and contain information on setting up budgets, managing cash flow, different types of bank accounts, getting the best deals with credit cards and mortgages. This perhaps could be called managing money.

The second project revolves around a web site with sections on different aspects of making money grow, information on share dealing, techniques, and the many other financial investment areas. We want to explain each, look at the advantages and risks, techniques and costs. We wont be looking at the difference between different shares or making recommendations that might be considered financial advice, but providing a wide range of tutorial style information.  

This second website will also encourage people to look at establishing local study groups to look at this further, some of these may turn into investing syndicates, however we do not plan to put in a national or international club to run this as there would be difficulty in providing independent information and still qualifying with various regulatory bodies. This perhaps can be looked at making money grow.

Time scale

Rather than launch these websites as completed projects, we propose to do it in weekly sections. So that they grow over time. They will be made up of a series of articles, and each of these will start by appearing as a draft, and at this point various people who are in the business of selling this type of investment will be able to  comment. Once any comments or suggested amendments have been included the article will have a 2nd draft label. Allowing time for users of the system to look and suggest further improvements. After a time they will be amended to take these comments into account and be labeled published. Each article will link to a links section which will contain many relevant links.

All articles will also be able to be printed, using a PDF format and these versions will be suitable for hole punching and adding to a ring binder. 

Where will it appear (web address):-  Still being considered (come back and check here.) maybe a part of value plus.

When will the  first sections be available:- Early to mid 2006.