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Money Tree Project

Money Tree Project


The Money Tree Project is a large scale joint venture with many other organisations, its aim is to allow, or empower people to create funding or capital to meet a wide range of needs.

The project is live, making enormous progress and will be instrumental in enriching the lives of very many people. the Money Tree Project is a New Atlantis Trust. This trust will never deal with the public but exists to make other things come about and members of it implement the strategies agreed.

Amongst the activities of this project are the money tree club, Money Tree Executive club and Dream Home Club, all of which are now parts on New Atlantis.

The Dream Home Club is a low cost club that aims to empower people to get a dream home and pay off the mortgages completely whatever point they start from. It has its own small website at;uk

The Money Tree Club , has taken the skills and information developed foe the Dream Home Club and extended it to forma complete financial education so widening the scope to raising cash for any use, including starting a business or funding other projects.

The Money Tree Executive Club, is this same operation extended further and in this case to include a source of additional income that can become substantial, involving the recruitment of members for these and other clubs. Both Money tree clubs can be found at

The Money Tree Franchise again extends this further to include the marketing of franchises as well as club memberships, but this is not managed by New Atlantis, but by another project partner.

The GB Pictures project, (now with a separate page on this website), has grown out of the Money Tree Project, and started as a means to create larger sums and now is large with many partners and has a life of its own, GB Pictures being a separate non profit company that we at New Atlantis were happy to sponsor.

The following was created by the Money Tree Project and explains in more detail their operations as at September 2007.


The Money Tree Project was an idea that came out of ABAN a non profit, business angel network, they were looking at a way to empower more people to fund their own small business and introduce people to the concepts they promoted.

Amongst others they discussed this with New Atlantis, a non profit company thatís main objective is to improve the quality of life of its members, and the Affordable Homes Project at that time also a non profit company, and concerned about helping more people to get their own homes. New Atlantis introduced a number of others, and some more were also identified so a substantial group of organisations, clubs and others became involved.

The Money Tree Project was formally set up, as a New Atlantis group or trust, that will not deal with the public, but is a coordinating group to get other groups and projects to work together. Its objectives are to empower more people to control their own future wealth and create wealth for whatever reason they want. Within the membership of this project some groups have their own priorities, for example the Affordable Homes Project wanted to make sure that empowering people to get homes they could afford was a major feature, while some others wanted to help people to get out of financial problems, while others saw the need as to fund business, in all cases the common elements are the need for control, information and in many cases extra income.

The Money Tree Project has no income and wants no income, all members cover their own costs. Their objectives are met by other projects or activities that they encourage, promote or empower.

The defined need

For the Money Tree Project to work, firstly organisations with different agendas had to work together for its members and the publics mutual benefit, secondly a range of educational material that was independent, well informed and practical to use needed to be created and ways to create extra income needed to be created, and accessible to the people the project was attempting to help.

Meeting this need

The Money Tree Project is a co-coordinating group, with two groups of members, full members that are all non profit organisations and associate members that are commercial or semi commercial organisations, but who are able to put aside their own profit objectives to enable them to work within this project. Although British based a number of the organisations and other members are from around the world to allow the project to pull on the best resources, and abilities. There was a problem experienced in that some organisations that wanted to join in had a religious connection, which was incompatible with New Atlantisí philosophy of being independent from all religious and political groups. This was overcome by this group setting up another project group called the traditional crafts group, and this being a group not involving religion but made up of organisations that did, and this group being given associate membership. This has allowed these organisations to become involved but without any concern of them swamping or having a disproportionate influence.

Other compromises have also occurred, for example ABAN, does not usually agree with any promotions or products based on an MLM approach, as many people can loose out on some of these projects, while many others pointed out that MLM schemes while being on occasions poorly constructed had accounted for the creation of the largest number of millionaires in the USA over a long period. ABAN have been persuaded to become involved with constructing one, that is safe, and benefits participants, and their concerns about MLM has been highly beneficial in constructing one choice that involves the MLM approach, but making it financially sound, while at the same time leaving this as one of many options.

The educational aspect

A working sub group comprising New Atlantis, the Independent Inquiry Society, Worldwide Library, Independent Factfinders, and ABAN all non profit organisations, together with a publisher Knowledge Base Publications, a club administration company Maximum Coverage Ltd, an international rights organisation Property Club International, a personal development organisation Self Build LLC, a mentoring company H3 Search Ltd and a few others form the educational group.

New Atlantis International Services Corporation has advised on the means of achieving things effectively using different business models, and Business Club International has advised on bartering, Franchise and JVC Development Ltd have advised on the use of franchises and a number of other organisations and business have advised on a wide range of specific aspects.

The educational material is being produced by a number of the member organisations commissioned by Property Club International who will own the copyright of the material.

Initially the material will be used within two clubs set up with the aim of educating and empowering people, this is the Money Tree Club and the Dream Home Club.

Wealth creation aspect

Two sub groups have evolved, one concentrating on the GB Pictures project which has created the GB Pictures non profit organisation and developed the entire GB Pictures project, franchises and more, this group being led by ABAN. A range of other companies and organisations have become involved in this in order to allow it to grow and become a profitable reality.

The second sub group has looked at a generic group of income sources connected with the Money Tree Project, including the Money Tree  Franchises, and Money Tree Executive Club, this group being led jointly by New Atlantis and Franchise and JVC Development Ltd.

These together with the educational aspects will allow people to progress to the point where they can access and make use of the existing wide range of services provided by ABAN, as well as a range of other organisations with specific areas of expertise.

Practical implementation

The problem with committee based projects is that making reality come swiftly out of concepts can be a challenge. In order to overcome this, specific implementation responsibilities have been commissioned, and implementation is therefore occurring semi independently of further conceptual development.

Reality coming out of concepts rapidly is also assisted by attaching aspects created by this project to existing organisations and utilising existing resources, and experience, rather than starting from scratch, the clubs for example are set up as clubs within New Atlantis, as New Atlantis has been running a variety of clubs for many years. Club administration is commissioned from Maximum Coverage Ltd, who have been doing this for other clubs also for many years, and as far as possible tasks have been commissioned from  member organisations or those who they have used. The only new organisation that has been necessary to establish has been GB Pictures, and this was done quickly by renaming the non profit company that was the Affordable Homes Project and the Affordable Homes Project becoming a trust or club within New Atlantis.

Achieving the objectives

The objectives of the Money Tree Project is to improve peoples lives by empowering them to create wealth, either to fund a home and clear the mortgage or to create funds for further use elsewhere.

It was felt that the use of the funds was unnecessary to define in that while one person may feel their life was enhanced by clearing credit card and other debts, another may want to go on and develop a business, while another may be looking for funds to support them in retirement. Some may want to create wealth to fund charities or for a wide range of other interests from leisure interests, to financing education or arts projects. While many of the members that came together to set up the Money Tree Project saw a common need to assist people to create funding and acquire knowledge,  they felt that the project should be developed in a way that is open ended allowing participants to chose their own application, or where they turn next. This means that while information may be provided that may point participants towards member organisations, and explain their function, there will never be any attempt to limit participants to only utilising the services or facilities of members.

GB Pictures

Publishing and marketing limited edition art is the nearest thing to being legally able to print money. Having said this, the existing market is unorganised, many of the products are poor and there are technical problems. The GB Pictures project has brought together organisations and companies and over come all of the problems producing a far higher quality product range, across a number of brands. This is to be marketed by a franchise network. GB Pictures the organisation is a non profit company so uniquely have franchises that have no franchise fees. By a combination of commissioning, overrides and sponsorship by brands this project has become a reality. GB Pictures as a project has allowed a large number of different profit generating opportunities to develop from commissioning roles, through marketing commissions to franchises. It means that a number of opportunities are now available that allow additional incomes to be produced, allowing clubs to show an ideal solution as well as covering the points to consider when selecting a suitable income stream. The GB Pictures Project provides a great example of what can be achieved.

Other income generating projects

As a part of the Money Tree Project there will be other projects that will produce income, other clubs and franchises and more developing over time. While some work has been done and continues to be done on a number of potential income generating projects, some of which can be brought online quickly, its also important that real progress is made and projects are implemented, so that people may get the benefits and the project get feedback and further define the needs within later projects. For this reason none of the other projects are being publicly announced until the GB Pictures projects has a critical mass and providing a good income to a range of people.

The Money Tree Project will continue to look for opportunities and to develop others means of meeting its objectives.

The clubs

Clubs are a low cost means of spreading skills and knowledge. This project has been responsible for the establishment of three clubs, all running as clubs that are a part of New Atlantis, and as a part of a non profit organisation are designed to break even.

The Money Tree Club educates and empowers members over the whole area of funding and wealth creation, based on a concept developed by Self Build LLC, it starts by getting members to understand their current position and then plan to improve their financial position, providing them with a lot of new skills and knowledge along the way as well as introducing them to opportunities, some general and some created specifically as a part of this project. The educational aspect uses skills acquired by Knowledge Base Publications Ltd in creating correspondence courses and H3 Search Ltd in business mentoring, as well as a wide range of knowledge and information that exists within ABAN, Property Club International and other project members.

The Money Tree Executive Club, has the same information plus its members are involved in the recruitment of members for a variety of clubs and are rewarded for this. The only club that they are not directly rewarded for signing up members for is the Money Tree Executive Club itself, but instead they get an override on the sales on members they join, and other down line recruitment over a number of levels. This unlike many systems is loaded so that it is highly profitable just to recruit members and the down line incomes are a bonus. The financial model used cannot ever hit saturation as new clubs are to be added and most recruits will be into the Money Tree Club and Dream Home Club, rather than the Money Tree Executive Club.

The Dream Home Club, as its name suggests is more specific, it aims to empower people to get a home, pay off the mortgage, move on to a better or dream home and clear all mortgages. Its members get about two thirds of the information that the Money Tree Club members get. It is not a cut down version, in that the development is done by creating the information modules and systems etc for the Dream Home Club, and then adding additional streams of information for the Money Tree Club. The information the Dream Home Club members are not getting is the information on stocks and shares, bonds, and other investment means, as well as some relating to the use of funds created, outside the need to create and multiply it up to enable the purchase of a dream home. So for example the Dream Home Club members do get shown the advantages of self building, developing and selling property, but not going on to look at investing in and developing commercial property, or building a buy to let empire.

In addition there is another club that is a part of the GB Pictures project, the GB Pictures Exhibition Club, this is for artists and photographers who would like to have their work displayed at two exhibitions a year.


Franchises allow individuals to operate businesses without the need to develop them, and with the help and support of both other members and those putting the franchise together. In many ways they provide the ideal way for many to create wealth or multiply up money. Five franchises are currently offered that have been brought about by the Money Tree Project.

Money Tree Franchise, this has a low franchise fee and those who take it on are rewarded for signing up franchisees and club members. They need training and approval before being able to offer each type of franchise, and initially all start with the GB Pictures franchises. Only selected Money Tree franchisees are permitted to sign up people for the Money Tree franchise, and there is no precondition that any individual will be selected. They will sign up members across a range of clubs but start with the clubs connected with the Money Tree Project. Later they will be able to sign up members for a wider range of clubs, and arrangements exist now with several member organisations for this to happen, and development of several others are in hand.

GB Pictures Regional Franchise, this is another low cost franchise, its participants have two roles marketing the GB Pictures area franchises and acting as a brand coordinator. This means they are involved with developing the franchise network and rewarded for this as well as in supporting area franchises and profiting from the sales that they make.

GB Pictures Area franchise the centrepiece and most profitable of the area franchises, designed to have a minimum of two people and to be the organisational centre of the area, as well as marketing art. It has no franchise fee but does have a minimum stock holding. Income comes from a combination of mark up on sales and discounts, plus an override on all that is sold in their area, as well as some additional income streams. They may also get a benefit by supporting mini franchises 

GB Pictures Team franchise these are the main marketing franchises to market the art, and working together to put on exhibitions and other promotional activities. They work with the area franchises. There are no franchise fees, but they do have a stock holding requirement although under half of the area franchise. This will be the most common franchise type. Income comes from a combination of mark up on sales and discounts, plus they may also get a benefit by supporting mini franchises.

GB Pictures Mini franchise a solution for the person who wishes to have a low cost entry, or to work part time. They only have a minimal stockholding, enough to show examples and rely heavily on a team or area franchise to support them. Income comes from a combination of mark up on sales and discounts, although the discounts are lower than the other franchise types in order to be able to reward those that support them.

Other income sources

Both a wide range of joint ventures, and a range of commissioned opportunities are already in existence or will come about. As growth occurs, the needs will be met as far as possible by creating new joint ventures and commissioning, and all organisational and development has taken place with this need in mind.

How to find out more

ABAN has a number of items on the Money Tree Project including joint venture opportunities on its website at

GB Pictures has two websites a public one displaying the art for sale at and the team website covering franchise and other opportunities at

The Dream Home Club has a very small site explaining its function allowing people to join online at

The Money Tree Club and Money Tree Executive Club have a website covering membership information at

Most members of the Money Tree Project are in the process of adding descriptions of the projects to their websites.

You can also call local rate (UK) on 0845 094 2487 for information on any individual club or franchise.