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GB Pictures Project

GB Pictures

GB Pictures is a separate non profit company, not a a part of New Atlantis, although we were a partner in establishing it, provided sponsorship and are still involved in its development.

GB Pictures came out of the Money Tree Project and meets the needs of many. For the artists and photographers it provides a way to exhibit and sell their art, for collectors a means to by the best quality available at no more tan others charge for inferior work, and for those wishing to create an income or produce funding for a project from buying a home to establishing a business it provides a way to make a lot of money in an enjoyable way.

The GB Pictures projects is larger than GB Pictures alone and is a consortium of approaching 30 organisations and businesses, working together to each meet their own objectives but to also promote a common objective within GB pictures. It also provides a good example of the New Economic model in action with franchises, commissioned service providers, joint ventures and special clubs of commission earning members. Its further growth is built around these new economy methods.

GB Pictures has 7 brands of art, 4 types of franchises and an exhibition club. The franchises are also marketed by another franchise as well and the club is also marketed by both the external franchise and club that area part of thr money tree project. The franchises are unusual in that they have no franchise fees.

the art production is technically ahead of others with chipping to avoid forgery, archival materials and museum glass being routinely used and a brand that is  based ion clever at, art with technology built in.

GB Pictures has two websites a public one displaying the art for sale at and the team website covering franchise and other opportunities at

More details

Publishing and marketing limited edition art is the nearest thing to being legally able to print money. Having said this, the existing market is unorganised, many of the products are poor and there are technical problems. The GB Pictures project has brought together organisations and companies and over come all of the problems producing a far higher quality product range, across a number of brands. This is to be marketed by a franchise network. GB Pictures the organisation is a non profit company so uniquely have franchises that have no franchise fees. By a combination of commissioning, overrides and sponsorship by brands this project has become a reality. GB Pictures as a project has allowed a large number of different profit generating opportunities to develop from commissioning roles, through marketing commissions to franchises. It means that a number of opportunities are now available that allow additional incomes to be produced, allowing clubs to show an ideal solution as well as covering the points to consider when selecting a suitable income stream. The GB Pictures Project provides a great example of what can be achieved.

GB Pictures Exhibition Club, this is for artists and photographers who would like to have their work displayed at two exhibitions a year.


Franchises allow individuals to operate businesses without the need to develop them, and with the help and support of both other members and those putting the franchise together. In many ways they provide the ideal way for many to create wealth or multiply up money.

GB Pictures Regional Franchise, this is another low cost franchise, its participants have two roles marketing the GB Pictures area franchises and acting as a brand coordinator. This means they are involved with developing the franchise network and rewarded for this as well as in supporting area franchises and profiting from the sales that they make.

GB Pictures Area franchise the centrepiece and most profitable of the area franchises, designed to have a minimum of two people and to be the organisational centre of the area, as well as marketing art. It has no franchise fee but does have a minimum stock holding. Income comes from a combination of mark up on sales and discounts, plus an override on all that is sold in their area, as well as some additional income streams. They may also get a benefit by supporting mini franchises 

GB Pictures Team franchise these are the main marketing franchises to market the art, and working together to put on exhibitions and other promotional activities. They work with the area franchises. There are no franchise fees, but they do have a stock holding requirement although under half of the area franchise. This will be the most common franchise type. Income comes from a combination of mark up on sales and discounts, plus they may also get a benefit by supporting mini franchises.

GB Pictures Mini franchise a solution for the person who wishes to have a low cost entry, or to work part time. They only have a minimal stockholding, enough to show examples and rely heavily on a team or area franchise to support them. Income comes from a combination of mark up on sales and discounts, although the discounts are lower than the other franchise types in order to be able to reward those that support them.

GB Pictures has two websites a public one displaying the art for sale at and the team website covering franchise and other opportunities at

You can also call local rate (UK) on 0845 094 2487 for information on any individual club or franchise.

 You may also find more within the page on this website on the Money Tree Project or within the ABAN website at