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We have run a number of publishing projects, some as a part of  other activities and some as stand alone projects. 

These have included amongst others:-

As a part of the Family History Club of Great Britain, a club we set up and later allowed to become independent 

  • 3 editions of an ever increasing large directory, published as books with both hardback and softback editions  and on microfiche. These contained family history research information giving details of what research people had done and was doing, by the time the third edition was completed it had the combined efforts of 10,500 people defined. A copy was given to every county record office and major libraries.
  • Factfinder series of booklets on different record sources.
  • Form packs, perpetual calendar packs and others.
  • British genealogical database, in depth research in computer readable form
  • Biographies as books and in other ways

As a function of The Poetry Club, another club we set up and became independent

  • Poetry anthologies published as books and booklets.
  • Competition anthologies

As part of the Treasure Trail a project to encourage people to se more parts of the UK

  • The Treasure Trail - hardback novel with treasure hunt built in
  • Search and Prosper - second novel with same treasure hunts built in
  • Additional information booklet
  • Pack for schools on drawing characters in second book

Knowledge Base Publications Ltd a publishing Company we set up. Wide range of reports, booklets etc, some books. It has a print on demand facility that allows clubs and organizations to pull reports, forms, FactFinders, workbooks and more on an on demand basis.

Atlantis Virtual World Ltd - publishing information websites on the internet, and developing websites for us and many of the clubs and organizations. 

The New Atlantis University of life published a number of correspondence courses, some large and detailed like the family history courses. In recent years a lot more has gone onto web sites, with a large number of specialist sites covering a vast array of topics, and more planned.

Worldwide Library the most ambitious publishing programme of all, to provide a completely free sources of thousands of books in ebook format on the internet, now a separate non profit company. 

Value plus, has set about providing a large range of information for everyone.

We have also helped others to publish their own books and have produced vast numbers of kits, forms, workbooks and more as a part of many of the clubs projects.

Portals on the internet and databases of information through these.

Scripts for TV dramas and other scripts submitted to other producers.

Picture libraries - mid 2006 will see at least one of a new range of picture libraries come online. Others in the series will have some you can get very large publishing quality super photos from, some with low prices or order prints of, and limited edition copies of art as well as other material. Some of these will be connected with the Worldwide Library others with a number of art based companies that are New Atlantis trusts. Some of these companies form part of a longer project to create trusts. This will also be linked to the writing projects, as illustration material for articles.

Part of this is to be be packaged under the new economic model to allow many more people to become partners in it and a range of compatible joint venture projects will open up associated areas we had been working on but not announced so far.

So what next:-

  • We would like to help more people to get their first novels and other books published, and are working with the Worlwide Library to achieve this.
  • We have quite large number of publications currently in the clubs, wit standard forms, contracts, and letters as well as work books, and kits of all types. these will continue to increase in number.
  • A lot of the publications published by or connected with family history remains the copyright of the authors and all of this is to be included in a new joint venture club for those interested in family history.
  • Large amounts more on the internet with financial course material coming soon and other specialty websites planned, most never mentioning New Atlantis as such.
  • Portals projects continuing to grow and expanding coverage.
  • Picture libraries.
  • Sources of all older published material, including all books, is to be conversed for publishing as free copies by the Worldwide library.
  • value plus expanding its role to have three levels of information available, public, New Atlantis family wide and club only.
  • Development within the bartering side of ways to get authors, editors and others to work together.