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Becoming involved

This section is covers seven pages, and the blue bar of buttons above allows you to move from one to another.

Having seen so much on, some people will either want to become involved in one of the projects that is running, helping out on in being developed or have a completely new area that they would like to work on.

This section is for those who want to become involved in setting up, expanding or helping run any of the existing or new projects. If you want to join one of the clubs or organizations then you should follow the link on the page that mentions them to their own web site, where you will find details on how to join, or how to  become involved.

If on the other hand you wish to become service provider or take up a franchise connected with one of the clubs then the starting point for you is the website for NAISC, link to this are on many pages of this site and at the top left.

If you have a brand new project in mind, we suggest that you first look through the other pages in this section and the rest of this website, to see if there is another project mentioned that is anything similar. If you find one, that does not rule you out of providing a new service, but it may then be sensible for us to see if the service or interest you have, could better be dealt with by widening an existing project than setting up a new one. There may be reason why you think this is the wrong approach and we are keen to hear your views. You will see page New Projects that is the starting point for you.

The rest of the pages in this section try to cover how the volunteers that make all this happen work and what we are looking for. these tend to be very general and if you have specific skills you can bring to bear then please let us know.

We are not here covering on becoming a part of the virtual kingdom, a citizen of New Atlantis, that is covered on our kingdom website, again there is a link at the top of the page to this. We have in this section given a brief description of New Atlantis trusts as they are the building blocks that new Atlantis is made up of.

While to some it may look if we have so much on that we are doing just fine without them, you should remember that everyone else had taken the same view, then nothing at all would have happened, or be happening now. Every person who helps us makes an impact, some of course more than others, but all the same every person who helps, allows more to be done, and often freeze up a person currently involved to undertake a new project or expand a service. Yes we do achieve a lot, but with 10 times as many volunteers we would be doing 10 times as much.

Under the new economic model that you will have seen mentioned widely on this and other sites, e have also opened up thousands of opportunities for partners to take on a role in one of the many joint venture consortiums, and this provides a mechanism that will allow many more people not only to become involved but to be extremely well rewarded for their time and effort. The current opportunities are featured on the exchange website at