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Acting, TV and film

A TV drama being filmed with Talent Club members

In 2006 we are re-launching this range of clubs after a short break.

Up until 1999 we had within the UK a large range of clubs covering this area, with different clubs for actors, singers. entertainers, models, dancers, directors, producers, scriptwriters, technical people such as camera operators and sound people and more. These all ran together with Talent Club International being the lead club, and any member of one could join in any of the activities of any of the others without any additional membership cost. 

These clubs together with some of our other clubs, ran an annual series of competitions with awards and had a very active programme of courses, workshops and other events. Most weekends there were at least two courses running as well as some in the week. We had our own training center with guest accommodation, large studio,  indoor heated swimming pool and more. Courses covered topics from acting to being a spokesperson on a TV interview to voiceover skills, with a wide range or technical courses on cameras, sound and editing, as well as writing and production topics.  They also with other produced the New Atlantis Times magazine to keep everyone informed of all that as happening.

Along side this was two agencies one placing screen actors, TV and film extras, and the other smaller one looking after those interested in modeling. The larger agency represented around 3000 people, most of which had been in at least one production broadcast on the main UK TV channels.

In addition we also established a TV production company, to produce multi part dramas, that had all its own cameras, and other technical equipment. We had a number of  projects running including the Rising Stars Project that allowed those interested in becoming professional screen actors to be fully supported for an intensive period of skills training at our residential center at no cost to them, several of these got leading or secondary roles in productions produced by others. We had also put on free basic introduction to screen acting course around the country that had been attended by over 8,000 people.

The agencies had just a single 15 registration fee and the clubs a small joining fee and small monthly subscription. Other services were included at no cost to members like the large photographic portfolios produced for both actors and models, and there was no charge for members to stay in our center, or attend courses.

The plan we were working along would have taken us on to far larger training and studio setup and the development of a TV channel of our own, transmitting over satellite and in other ways a mixture of the programs we could create and those we could encourage other community groups to make. We had also proposed filming amateur theatrical productions and public events like carnivals. The working title of this was the community channel.

We suspended the clubs for a while after we experienced corruption in this industry outside our clubs, but had to make sure that members were fully protected before continuing, this has taken longer then expected and up until the new economy development, we have not had enough staff to man all events.

In order to protect those who are the partners  we have made  number of recommendations to Self Build LLC who are looking at this and the packaging of the clubs for re-launch for us.

  • The design is international in nature
  • Information is international, clients data on the internet, with back up servers in more than one country
  • That all who register with it are given a sheet telling them to look out for any corruption and tell the agency at once is spotted
  • To have a team of partners who constantly look and monitor of corruption outside effecting them
  • To immediately issue a press release if they start to see any corruption that may effect them
  • To avoid basing any data storage in Gloucestershire UK where the previous corruption was experienced.

So what else,

  • We have web sites registered and some experimental information on the Rising Stars programme, we are looking of ways to run this at a later time, but probably outside the UK.
  • The concept of the community TV channel is dead, we consider it to be to great a risk to any of our people to try to undertake this project again in the UK.

As so many thousands of people had their lives enhanced by our activities in this area it would be a pity is all in the future lost these opportunities due to a small number of corrupt people. We should therefore do our best to find solutions that will again mean people can get these advantages.


Training models can be fun in the Model club

Young members have their own special days

Rising Stars = young actors supported fully including accommodation, training and experiencing new skills, at no cost to them.

Drama training events

Competitions, exhibitions ...

Meetings for scriptwriters, actors, camera crew.........

One of the bases we provided free accommodation to club members, on events