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Coming soon - this page is to be updated into a section to provide a directory linking to organisations, by function and to clubs by interest. At the moment it may be necessary to follow several links to get to an individual site, while in the future we would like this section to provide a portal to all 150, of by then more, sites connected with projects and sections of the activities of the New Atlantis family. Ideally this will be in a common format that can also be accessed from within many more sites to save duplicated effort and updating.

New Atlantis has a number of web sites, and influence over many more.

The principle New Atlantis web sites are:-  This site, an overview of New Atlantis.  New Atlantis International services corporation  Joint venture exchange site and doorway to other property club international sites.  Worldwide Library  A type of virtual library of files and documents connected with New Atlantis, much of it is still valid today, but there is also a lot of information about past projects, how New Atlantis developed and much more. It has a lot of information relating to the development and pre 1999 organization of the virtual kingdom.  The site dedicated to information relating to the building of a new floating country. A new site full of links connected with the build project.  Looking at how to set up a new community within your present country.  The virtual kingdom site. also  Site allowing people to sell unwanted items and give half of the proceeds to a good cause of their choice.  The main website for the Independent Inquiry Society, which is a part of New Atlantis and links from here to many more groups and organizations.  Independent FactFinders (nonprofit origination)  The starting point for entry into our virtual world, web sites and internet development projects. This site links to very many more.  Taking on the university of life project

Each of these sites has link pages to get you to relevant information.

Some of the other sites you may find useful are:-  A master portal site with many links.   A push button portal that is something developing well that will become really good in the future.  A shopping master portal that links to very many specialist and general shopping portals or virtual malls.  Very large map or game like shopping center with many towers, some for business and some for consumers each with many floors and many walks per floor, plus each tower has a number of exhibition halls. A real shopping experience.  Self Build Homes clubs international site linking to each of their other sites, and many others. See also if you are in the UK.  property pension clubs main site

Each of these sites has link pages to get you to relevant information