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Improving lives

If you ask a person what you could do to improve their life, or perhaps more along the lines of, if I could wave a magic want and achieve anything, what would you like it to be. The replies you get are not usually about wining a lottery or inheriting a bank, but more in line with simpler solutions to needs, even if these needs are not essential needs. So perhaps a person wishes they had a sports car, a holiday home or an enjoyable job. 

In some other cases people may feel trapped, perhaps they want to get married, but cannot find or afford a home in their area, perhaps they are a single mother who cannot go to work without child care and cannot afford child care on the salary they could get. Perhaps they are in a job that they thought had prospects and maybe does, but they now dread every day and wish they could see an escape route. Perhaps they are in a relationship that has passed it sell by date and they would like to move on, but just cannot. Maybe its a younger adult who sees no future in the area that they live and knows that they need to go elsewhere, but the step is too large for them to do on their own, or perhaps its a person with a burning desire to do something, but there are just no doors opening for them to allow them to do this.

Others may not feel safe, or just have a feeling that they are unhappy but not know how to overcome it. Some of these may to the rest of the world look extremely successful, and have everything but they know that there has to be more meaning to life than what they are achieving.

To improve a persons life drastically often requires a very small act on your part, switching on a light at the far end of the dark tunnel they see in front of them, is one way to think of it.  We don't necessarily need to actual take them to the far end of the tunnel, just show them that there is a way to reach it, and encourage them to take the first steps.

Keeping this in the real world, lets take an example, a young couple who would like to marry and have a home of their home, but just cannot afford  a home at this time in their own area. Lets see how what we are up to can help these people. 



  • The Property Pension Club helps people to use property to build a pensions fund, but as much of this is built around buy to let it also creates nice rentable homes. 
  • The Self Build Homes Club, shows people the way and supports them in creating a home of their own, not actually building it, but making the decisions and saves around 40% of the cost compared to other similar purchases in the area, so perhaps they can afford a home by this route. Modern houses are quick to build. 
  • The Affordable Homes Project aimed at solving their problem by making homes available at well under half the normal prices and giving priority to local people.
  • Some will chose to do a series of self build so as to end up mortgage free.
  • The Money Tree projects is developing and will allow people to sort out their finances, earn extra incomes and more - watch out for more details.
  • You may feel that we have already provided a number of solutions for them but we can go one more, we can show them a way that they will be able to get a large part of the cost of their home paid for them, up to 200,000 in the case of the UK. So how is this achieved, by a points programme that is run in cooperation with the Self Build Homes Club, it does not involve selling as such more a case of sharing with others the knowledge that they too could be benefiting, and creating home of their own at a discount. Just one more step, you can also start by being an affiliate, so you don't even have to join the club to become involved and can use the points programme to pay your joining costs and subscription as well.

So we have a collection of activities that can take a person from a position of not spending a single to penny, right through to having a home without a mortgage, or starting along the route to reach the same point.

Perhaps we have chosen a drastic example, we could have shown how to provide a person with a good pension, and wealth, how to help people to escape from the lives they currently have to something else or  a vast number of others.

For many, life is really not all that bad, but they feel it could be better, perhaps their job lack fulfillment, they are not really challenged anymore, they don't see any great future, just more of the same, or they feel trapped by their circumstances they need to keep their income and security but would live to try something new.

For these people a joint venture consortium opportunity can do so much, of course they could become extremely wealthy, many have the capability to make people millionaires, however it offers in many ways far more than that. As they are designed to run alongside an existing job or commitment, it releases people from the trap they are in, it offers a challenge, something new, new people to work alongside, new challenges, and although a lot of the early work has been done in setting up the consortium opportunity, the partners still have enormous freedom to shape it and to each play a major role in its development. Then of course comes the job satisfaction and the rewards. 

As you will see in most cases we no longer look to provide a solution to a lone need as much as identifying where a larger need exists and setting ups a means to help all of these people to move ahead, and many of the pages on this web site covers these in more detail.

Pages on 'Granting dreams' and the 'Council of The Gods' however covers more individual solutions, and other approaches.