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New projects

It would not be difficult to sit down for 10 minutes and list 50 more clubs we could run. Therefore we have to have a specific reason to believe that a particular area would benefit from our involvement,  a volunteer who is keen enough that with our help they are going to make it happen or a packager who, on their own or working in co-operation with another packager, can put together a joint venture consortium to allow others to do this for a reward. 

Clubs organizations and projects that we can make the most impact with are those that can be applied to a large area, a region of a country or a country. Concepts can be copied internationally. However this does not mean that a local club is ruled out, as it may be the model that others can become built upon or be the stimulation for other projects. The smaller projects of this type are not listed on this website.

We will not become involved with anything to do with religion or politics, and all we are involved with must be open to people of all races, colures etc. We would need to be convinced that a sporting area merited our involvement, or could be developed without taking away services we needed for other clubs, and to date non have and we may need to set up a new packager to develop this area. We try not to compete with others, where there is a reasonable service being provided, and have no problem with existing groups or organizations that wish to work with us. The other restriction I should mention is that it has to be legal.

We have no problem with recreation areas, hobbies, arts, education, authoring of any type, support for people with any problem or generally. An area that we have done something in previously but is not currently active is not a problem to us, if you have the drive to make things happen.

Given the way we work through joint venture consortiums and commissioning, its not necessary to be able to raise money to fund a new project or to cover the costs yourself, but we are always a lot more interested in ideas when it comes from a person who wants to make it happen, rather than someone just looking for another service to be provided for them. 

Your age is not important, young or old, if you have the desire, interest and commitment we will involve you if we can. Similarly you can be of any nationality and live anywhere, but you do need to be able to communicate in English. 

Another question that some ask is what if you make mistakes, well we will let you into a secret, everyone does, but most other people don't notice them, the only way not to make mistakes is not to do anything, and the more you do the more mistakes will occur, even with the most care. 

We have to avoid becoming excited about something and getting it going only to find that the person driving the project no longer has the time or interest for it, as this then means another person who does not have the same level of interest has to take over running it. However sometimes a person can become involved knowing that they wish to exit after it has been developed and develop the idea through the joint venture consortium route as a packager. 

So what should you do, 

  • First check to see if we have anything similar running now, and check the exchange website at to see if any new consortiums to cover the area have been announced.
  • Check through this website, New Atlantis International services website at and any other likened websites that cover a similar area.
  • If you come across something similar it does not exclude you, you can most likely become involved.
  • If it is a service provision that you are interested in exploring also see the Business Club International website
  • If you cannot see another clear route then write us an email explaining the service that you would like to become involved in developing, it does not have to be long or complex, as we can email back and forth to clarify the situation. At an early point, once we have sorted out if the idea is practical we will need to know a little about you, and any factors this brings up we will discus with you. Some people are reluctant to tell us their age for example believing we will think they are too young or too old, this is unlikely to be the case, but we may have to be more selective as to who helps and supports you. We may also have to ask more questions about other commitments that you have, and how involved you can realistically become.

We have no problem is looking at an idea with you ahead of you actually deciding to make commitment to become involved. We can also often involve you in another club or project so as to gain some experience before taking on a more central role in a new venture if you want.

So who do you contact: email the president of New Atlantis at president @ ( no spaces before or after the @, they are shown here so the rubbish mailing robots don't collect our web addresses.

You don't have to join anything or pay anything to become involved.