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New economy

The new economy or new economic model is a concept agreed between all the New Atlantis family. it assists them, but also allows the philosophy to spread in the real world.

The new economic model is regulated and supervised by new Atlantis International Services Corporation, however in line with this model much of the actual implementation is run through the model.

The model has member organizations and service providers at its center, although member organizations can also be service providers. rather than doing everything in house themselves all member organizations where they can try to commission services from service providers. This reduces duplicated effort allows more expertise to from within the New Atlantis family and allows more activities to be done than would otherwise be possible. 

The model also has at its center the concept of sharing roles out to a wider group, not by using volunteers, but by the development of joint venture consortiums to run clubs and various activities, both as member organisations and service providers. By this means the number of people who can become involved and finically benefit is greatly increased and as more can be done more growth and more services are possible. In most cases these consortiums are being put together in such a away that people can participate part time or fit it into their existing life, and at the same time empower the team by allowing each to specialize of an area of interest.

The third part of the model is a central accounting system that records and rewards those that do work for each other or supply services or products, this is combined barter system and exchange. Other exchanges also make up parts of the model such as one that allows joint venture partners to exchange or sell their interests.

So is it new

Not really parts of it is in general use, for example there are many bartering clubs, and  as apart of New Atlantis the Bargain and Barter club has existed since 1996, and Business Cub has a history going back nearly 30 years helping business to become established and setting up hundreds of companies.

The concept of commissioning services is now widely used by charities to deliver services and by local councils, and the concept of franchises is also well established, even joint ventures are not new.

From a New Atlantis family perspective it is really the next step, from the position reached before and proven to work, just instead of New Atlantis International Services Corporation doing the commissioning on behalf of members it now regulates exchanges and ways that allows it to work, and  even Self Build llc is really doing what it was before, now rather than just telling people how to set up an enterprise and self build a better future, it now packages up opportunities and directly offers consortium partnerships for part developed projects to get everyone a step ahead faster. 



So why do we call it a new economic model. Well we feel that deserves this title not so much for being groundbreaking new in concept, but that is has a new concept of sharing wealth wider. Because more service providers can take part, the joint venture partnerships will bring in several thousand people and many more people will be able to have their lives improved by the many new clubs and growth of existing ones. By adding the exchanges and bartering e have increased the effect of an additional economy.  Business  particularly will not only have the supportive safe environment for family but have low cost business creation and fund transfer, as well as many other facilities, it will be like having twice the income without increased costs.

You can find out far more about the new economic model and its implementation by looking at