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Granting dreams

Would be models at a club training event exploring Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds

The president of New Atlantis, often brings up the topic of granting dreams in conversations with people he has just met. A peculiar subject you may feel, but it can help to see what a person would most like to do or be.

To grant immediately everyone's dreams would not be a good thing to do, yes they would be excited, happy, and enjoy life better for a few days, but after that life may seem to loose purpose, unless a new dream become visible to them.

Therefore before we can grant a persons dreams, we also need to make sure that further dreams exist or the seeds from which they will grow has been sown. Lets look at an example; A person in a job or relationship they are not enjoying. The solution could be simple get them a more interesting job some way away, and a means to get there, as an international organization stimulating loads of activity this would not be difficult for us to achieve. Will this make them happy. Probably not, they will be in a strange place, not a part of the social set, and we have nothing for them to aim at or to achieve, beyond surviving the move. 

To improve the quality of  persons life, we have to put them in control, not offer a magic wand solution. We need to empower them, show them how to achieve things and provide them the encouragement to set out on the journey and help along the way. We need them to succeed, gain confidence, to project this confidence and success, and this will then act as magnet to draw them together with others who are also enjoying life's successes and challenges. 


The model of the year, in one of the clubs competitions


So can we grant a persons dreams, yes, but we have to make sure that we do it in such a way that we enhance their own confidence, feeling of achievement and develop further dreams that they can see are attainable.

We can set about the challenge to grant a single persons dreams or a whole collection of them at the same time. The Rising Stars project at the end of the 1990's is an example of an ambition plan to solve a lot at once, this allowed a number of groups of people to be fully supported and housed at no cost to them, while they gained screen acting skills, over many months. Similarly Talent Club International again in the 1990's offered several hundred people the chance to act in a multipart TV drama. Today many clubs continue the multiple person solution such as the Self Build Homes Club that shows people how to get a new home of their design far cheaper than they imagine and far cheaper then other homes for sale in their area. This club like the Property Pension Club and some others do treat each person as an individual, so has a very individual solution for each, but is made possible by being able to help a lot of people at the same time.

Individuals who are not being helped through a club or project are now screened initially be email, with a lot of the solutions worked out with them by this means, often with no direct action being necessary by us. Some times we may see a potential to enhance a club service, to start a new club or project or introduce a person to another we know, and by this means help them both. We may never meet a person we help or we may end up meeting them a number of times.

Another years - Model of the year

While we do have greater capability to grant peoples dreams than probably anyone else,  we know from experience that we have to make sure that we resist the temptation to do so by quick fixes, the cheque book solution or a quick phone call to call in a favor, although this would often seem expedient and may cost us less than the approach that empowers the person to succeed with our help.

The other thing we have learnt is to avoid as far as we can giving something for nothing, while it may make us feel good, it makes it difficult for some people to come back for further help and encourages others into an attitude of taking, rather than finding solutions and may even encourage them to become dependent on others, as opposed to become self sufficient. It is therefore better to get a person to help us with a task in exchange for fixing something for them, than to do it without asking them to also help us or others. This extra help can also often move forward another project, some research or help another club or member.

So what if you know a person who you feel we should be granting dreams, or who is in need of help, well the start point is to persuade them to visit our web sites and look at what the clubs have on offer for them. If they cannot see any help that solves their need then its up to them to decide to talk to us. They have to make the first step, and maintain contact with us.  They should make their first contact to us via email explaining the topic they want to look at,  and we will then assign a councillor to them, who will email them directly and between them, they will explore ideas, possible solutions and the various routes that they could take. Email is an ideal way to undertake this, as just about everyone has access to email even if through another persons computer or an internet cafe, or library. It also has the benefit of allowing the recipient and our councillors to consider the response as opposed to saying the first thing to come into their heads.


Space reserved for the picture of the first millionaire to come out of the GB Pictures project.

Will it be you?

Many more dreams are being realised now with the help of both GB Pictures, with its art marketing and very profitable if a slightly unusual franchises, unusual as they don't have any franchises fees. Find out more at  also take a look at the Money Tree Clubs including the Dream Home Club, Money Tree Club and Money Tree Executive Club. Details can be found on the Dream Home Club, which assists people to get a mortgage, pay it of and move on to a dream home, all far quicker then they initially think possible, details on  and the same information plus more to cover everything financial, including many types of investing is at as is details on the Money Tree Executive Vlub, which is the same as the Money Tree Club but also has a the opportunity to earn very large sums by recruiting members for these three clubs plus a number of others.

If you want to help providing solutions then you can also contact us, but you may also find the Council of the gods page of interest.