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New Atlantis communities

 Removal of this page is planned for the first half of 2006 

Most of the items on this page are now covered elsewhere, and any remaining points will be move to where they best fit. Some of the other information is general in nature and could be included in a revised lead in to the real world activities. We have mentioned this here as the duplication appearing on other pages as they are revised, may not make sense, unless you realize our intention to remove this page.

This page was written before the new economic model was implemented, so some information may be out of date.

Groupings or more

Historically we have arranged many trusts to work together sharing projects, open days, training and more, the largest grouping of this type was in the UK up until 1999 when we had 14 or more clubs, a number of companies and a range of projects, plus annual competition days and a magazine shared by them all as a community. Many thousands of people benefited from this, although it was eventually destroyed by corruption that was outside any of our groups, and connected with a competitor of one of our companies. 

This community grouping worked well, was so very successful and benefited so many thousands of people, but the down side was that it was able to be damaged so easily, and being honour based, we had not prepared our defenses against less honest people. If you want to see more on what was achieved by the UK community of clubs etc, see the archive site.

So much damage was able to be done, by so few corrupt people that we have to advise against such close working arrangements between trusts and moved towards cooperative working and the service commissioner arrangements we now have in place.

Today a number of clubs and companies work together in the property area, and the number and coverage is increasing. The move has been to go international, although not all clubs have yet done this. The overlap that occurs when a club set up in the USA overlaps with one set up in the UK when they both go international may not seem completely logical but can often complement and widen the range of options available and over time the duplication of effort can be reduced by each taking the lead role in key areas.

In a similar way we have a  number of projects in the financial, money managements and wills and trusts areas that have common ground and are developing at this time. Several other co-operative groupings are also evident from picture libraries and the Worldwide library to investigative efforts.

Living communities

Living communities are residential or holiday complex arrangements where a group of people get together to form what they feel will be an ideal community. In practice it is often the result of a principle person with the interests and drive to bring it about. There are many advantages, some disadvantages and many styles to communities. The page from the tab above right looks briefly at this, but we also have a special site dedicated to building communities at  

We also have a separate page on this site covering this in a little more detail. Click here to get to it.

Charities and good causes

We all have different ideas as to what a good cause or charity is and who should benefit, ranging from well known national organizations and wide benefit projects like the Worldwide Library to support group charities set up by a small handful of people that provide direct benefits the committee members.  A number of projects run by New Atlantis communities or trusts have benefited many charities and non profit organizations, and the best known historically may be the Poetry Club range of annual competitions where the entry fees included a fee to a charity the entrant could define, and the Poetry Club collected them together making donations to many differing groups. A further percentage of the entry fee from each entry was accumulated and paid to the charity of choice of the competition winner. The Poetry Club like most of the UK community projects was suspended in 1999, due to events outside our control, detailed above.


The New Atlantis UK community however still wanted to provide some means to help all charities, non profit organizations and fundraisers, and came up with a free service called 50-50, detailed on the tab above right, and also has its own web site at  with a second site now at This project is a web site we maintain, and allow people to advertise items for sale on the understanding that they give half of the receipts to an organization or good cause of their choice. Each year we will have one project or organization that we recommend if people do not have an organization they wish to support. The service is provided by volunteers at no cost to buyers or sellers and managed by one of our princesses. we could however really do with a new volunteer interested in promoting this in a larger way further.

A separate page is on this site and expands the topic more click here to get to it. 

Some changes are currently taking place on this projects is expect this and the other  page to be updated some time soon.

50-50 has been formed into a new organization the 50-50 organization its role is to provide databases and central resources like this as service provider, how this fits with its older role is being looked at now

University of life

The New Atlantis University of Life, is a different type of university, more aimed at later or further education than immediate post school studies. Initially it had three divisions, the degree unit, Charter membership and correspondence course exchange. You can find a description as to how it was operating in the mid 90's from the archive section where it is defined within part 6 of the members manual, and a larger explanation in the archive site under virtual world then university.

After difficulties in other areas in 1999 this was suspended, and the archive site shows the role being in part handed to  Over the last few years, a lot of work has been going into redefining the University of Life and how this fits within the group of overlapping interests, including, and the work going on towards the development of the floating kingdom. 

We are still unsure where we are going with this, as the movement now is towards more separation, separate clubs each with its own web site and more. Public education events tied to clubs and interests, rather than New Atlantis. The original plan was through the UK community to have developed until we had or own fully equipped large site complete with TV studios, TV channel, larger training and conference facilities, and combined large scale research campaigns by both the Independent Inquiry Society and Independent FactFinders, and the university of life fitted into this well. Since we closed the training and conference facilities, other than what we can put on websites this is perhaps more restricted.  The most likely move will for value plus to be a free standing group, partly managed by Worldwide Library for us all, and for it to have a basically three roles a public resource center for information, a resource center available to all members of any club or organization that is a member of the New Atlantis family and some information held on behalf of individual clubs. 

Many other plans such as a wider range of correspondence courses and practical courses such as those centering on wine and food have been shelved. We had also intended to have video on demand material and had a series of web sites around the name video channel registered. The concept was to have short tutorials on everything from looking after different types of pets to first aid topics, to interest topics. With the closure of the TV production facility we no longer had the resources to do this and the website registrations have been allowed to lapse.

The University of Life may have to remain suspended for the time being. Another option is that the university of life should become a part of the virtual instead of the real world and look to influence and co-ordinate other course and information across many clubs and projects.

The positive side is that between New Atlantis, the clubs and companies that work with us there are over 150 web sites now, and more will follow so the amount of available information has grown considerably.