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Becoming involved
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We need your help

You may think that with so many clubs and organizations started and over 150 web sites up and running we are doing just fine without you, but we really do need your help.

But we can all benefit by spreading the load wider, involving more people, allowing projects to run faster, new ones to come into action and more. 

So how can you help, in promotion, in helping a club or projects, or in helping with internet editing projects, writing, or in developing something new for the internet or a service of some type.

Within this section and from other pages above we are covering these.

We have opportunities for both volunteers and for people who want to be rewarded for their time and effort. for the rewarded opportunities look out for clubs operating points programs and the joint venture and similar opportunities that appear in the exchange at 

On this page we are looking further at the range of ways people can help with internet based projects, these are mostly tasks that 

  • you can do in your own time, 
  • at home
  • on your own computer.
  • will suit anyone however much time or experience they have

Helping from home over the internet.

There are so many ways that you can help, and you could look through the various club or project sites and see what sections still need doing or where a need for ore volunteers is indicated or you could take a look at some other suggestions below.

If you look at, or any of the other sites in the start page group available from you will see we need editors, people to help us choose the sites to put on buttons, add helpful information etc. This is a major project but editors take on just single pages or a few pages at a time. 

If you look at and follow the links for volunteers you will see loads of ways you can help, from editing classics or new manuscripts to layout out material for ebooks and more.

If you look at you will see a developing knowledge base, with courses, links to other sites, articles etc, so much to do, so many helpers needed. You could create a sub site for any interest, or area of knowledge that you are interested in.

How about populating map pages or shopping center portal pages, take a look on the portals section of this site to see links to some of the portals, very many are developed but still have to have links selected and be populated.

How about populating a links section of a new website, on just about any topic, or we can come up with suggestions that match educational or other planes we have.

Local  Barter clubs

Bartering involves people in helping each other, the effects of their efforts are recorded so that no one takes advantage of another. Running a small local club on its own is something any group of people can do. You don't necessarily need to have any charges to belong and can call your barter units anything you like. If it is to be completely managed by you, separate and you don't want to be able to use the units earned for anything else then you can do this on your own.

Bartering provides the equivalent to extra income, has no effect on befits, is tax free and often provides the very first level step to move people to a position where they can help themselves to achieve far more, as well as in some cases into moving into larger commercial ventures so can have a major effect on improving the quality of the lives of everyone involved.

If you would like to take this to the next level and allow the units earned to be used elsewhere, then rather than setting up your own club you would be better off joining either one of our projects that involves bartering or in establishing a branch of the Bargain and Barter club. you can find out more about bartering on the  website and others that this will take you to.