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The Internet World


For some years on our web sites we have divided everything between real and virtual world activities. 

While by virtual state we are talking about a landless state, the structure of society and how we organize ourselves, when we refer to virtual world we mean less solid ideas, and services, and up until recently this also included  web site portals, educational sites, courses etc.

A few years back we decided that the internet for most people was now real, it helped them, was an item that while few fully understand, delivers real information of value and is a means of distributing ideas and information to vast numbers of people, without a lot of cost, so can be done without charging those who receive it or being controlled by those with large pockets.

We are not new to this means of sharing information and were involved even before the internet as we know it today was in use. 18 years or possibly more ago, before the internet, we had a multi line Bulletin board service (BBS) that was way ahead of its time, running in a map like mode, where you could select the library for books on line, post office for communication, station to contact other sites etc. To a degree this approach was used with earlier versions of this web site and sections of this philosophy can still be seen within parts of our archive site. It is also reappearing in some newer portal sites we are working on.



Today we make far greater use of the internet and have far more web sites, having different sites for different tasks, often with trusts or companies set up to run them. Currently there are well over 150 web sites, with more being developed all the time. The links - websites buttons on the left of this page gives you a starting point with a few of these and some others are detailed throughout this website.

Expanding the internet world

The internet from its beginning has been all about sharing information, some you may approve of and some not. Over time it has become more commercialized and more governments and groups have tried to interfere with the liberties of those who use it.

New Atlantis has been involved in exploring new ways to make the internet easier to use, from the push button start-page sites (see for example  to the on line book style portals that are accessible from Along the way we have created many other listing portals allowing information to be found and some of these have now become a common part with Start Page such as the listing group of sites and which can run in stand alone mode or as part of Start Page.

From you will find a map or game like array of sites that present a fun way to explore the internet, and we are working with many other organizations to improve many aspects from the friendly sites approach within start-page, through the virtual world map approach to the massive on line library with thousands of free ebooks  as, and its other many websites and shortly a joint photo library as well.

Other areas in development include the fun portals and secret passages. net

Back to the map approach

!8 years or more ago we had a map based approach to information provision through the multi line bulletin board system, toady this philosophy is being reinvented through the group of sites connected with This is far more complex with districts of a larger town, fast routes to jump from one place to another and bus and similar routes that take you on a tour. Being created like many modern day American cities on a grid system its not difficult to work out where you are and how to move to other locations.

If we did just this and had links then to just normal websites it would be nothing more than a fun portal, however we are expanding the philosophy further and have a number of sites being developed that allow you to continue on your journey, for example which is virtual group of 4 shopping towers, each with many floors and many walks within each floor. Each tower also has 20 exhibition halls, it has stairs, lifts and more, you even met characters, and will be able to interact with some. A library, and many other buildings each with their own site are being developed to expand this concept.

Sharing information

The internet is we believe one of the greatest tools that society has ever had, and ultimately we will look back at its impact to see it had even more impact than the printing press on making information available to everyone.

Very many of our websites and those of associated clubs and originations not only show people where to get information but are becoming the reference source on that subject.  On line tutorials, information, article databases and the like as well as information on the services and objectives of projects clubs and organizations are included.

The future

So what of the future, we see continuing and expanding involvement by us, more information sites, tutorials, reference sites and portals. More specialty sites, and several clubs have already started to split out a number of sites for each country, and linking these though an index site. This practice we expect to see continue and grow in popularity, not echoing other sites but presenting information relevant to each group. Similarly we expect to see more fragmentation of large sites to form groups of linked sub sites, each with its own special area, allowing easier and speedier maintenance and for more people to be able to work on them at the same time. 

We would like to have far more tutorial style sites covering a wider range of topics, and perhaps working in combination with the worldwide library to  broaden the amount of independent and free information available to everyone.

We also see enormous wealth being created from the web portals and pother projects we have been involved in or co-operated in producing, Wile some may say the internet bubble has burst, this only effected those projects that rushed to raise silly money and wasted it in high living, brash expenditure and extras like top range cars for all employees. many that have been developed in a more business like way, have turned out to be extremely profitable and by far one of the most profitable new areas anyone can currently enter. many of these developing front line services now will be amongst the major earners of tomorrow.

Under the new economic model

With the further development under the new economic model a vast amount of what has been developed is being packaged up and will be made available through joint venture consortiums.  This provides up with the scope to expand the number of people, whose lives we can improve, both by giving them the opportunity and resulting wealth but by making these services available to everyone.