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Summer 2005
Xmas 2004 and a look forward to 2005.

Summer 2007

Floods, weird weather, and more, and what's even stranger is the speed that time is passing.

Its two years since we updated this page, gosh!!! I know we have been busy, and have so many more things happening, but if we have a news page we aught to try to put something on it occasionally. luckily the majority of other pages have been kept up to date better.

So where do we start so much has happened and is happening, perhaps I should just list 50 websites, but that wouldn't help a lot. The most significant at the moment is the GB Pictures project and the Money Tree project, both unusually for new Atlantis looking at making money, but still not for us, but for members and the public at large to assist them to fund their dream, get homes, pay off mortgages, and much more. Both of these  projects have pages on this website, and on these you wil find links to find out more.

Two years ago we were moving to the new economic model, now we wonder how we ever managed to get tings done without it.

Summer 2005.

Rapid progress has been made on moving over to the new economic model, which is mostly the continuation of existing moves, such as working through service providers, redevelopment of the bartering system and separation of real and virtual world activities.

The switching of some roles around the family members and the passing of specific areas to some trust partnerships, has gone smoother than anticipated. This has meant that we are ahead of where we had expected to be on the development of the central modules of the exchanges connected with commissioning and bartering, and others developments have been running ahead of the planned time, and particularly the packaging of existing clubs etc is well ahead of the position we had expected to be at, and both H3 search, and Self Build report that everyone has co-operated fully, without exception which perhaps goes a long way to show we are all working with a common objective. 

A number of members of the New Atlantis family have now got into their new or extra roles and many of the updated websites are either running live or will be over the next few weeks. Many of the club will probably take some time to fully update their websites, and clubs and others who are going through packaging and conversion to consortiums, may wish to leave some of this until the new partners have taken over.

We have found that in relation to some activities, particularly in the UK we have had to take a step back to be able to take many steps forward far faster. In order to offer the new partners in the joint venture consortiums taking over many of the projects as much scope to stamp their own identities on them, we have put off all marketing on new areas, clubs etc, until these consortiums have been formed. This meant we had to delay implementation of the property group of clubs we had all lined up to launch at the beginning of this year.

We have also delayed the announcement of some others, and will announce things in future as the consortiums pick up the reins and tell us that they would like to make the details available.

The remaining part of the new economic model that has not been fully explained on the internet is the bartering and exchanges connected with this, but this information should be on line by mid October, we delayed it so that those working together on the designs, coordinated by Internet Consortium, had more scope to make design changes.

We wish all of who have the chance to get away for a break over the summer enjoy the experience and come back full of enthusiasm and energy to make even more happen, to those who don't get away, we would hope that over the next year you will have the opportunity to look at the holiday property developments and find something that will assist you in enjoying a break next year.