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We run  a club for writers called Writers Club International, which was very active in the UK up until 1999, it had meetings of writers interested in various projects from novels to screen plays. It also had several large project such as one to write a 26 part TV drama, had a variety of courses that were well attended and several large gathering where writing workshops were organized, as well as team writing projects. In other countries it was just ticking over. It has helped quite a few authors to get their first books published.

Since 1999, this club has been active in some counties, mostly working around local groups, but in the UK very little has been happening. Up until 1999 in the UK, it functioned a part of a number of 'arts' based clubs, all divisions of New Atlantis,  that was working together with combined membership arrangements. It was therefore very difficult to identify which members at that time were specifically of this club. Outside the UK it had no membership costs and was informally run. 

At the moment it has no membership fee and has no central organization as such, we do not know who the members are or what in detail each group is achieving. It is still currently a division of New Atlantis. 

We want in 2005 to look again at this,  with the formation of a separate entity to run this club (or it could become a division of the WorldWide Library), and two levels of membership, direct and though local groups affiliated to it. We also want to expand it fully internationally. 

What next

With the move to joint venture consortiums and away from clubs being part of New Atlantis itself, this is a candidate for packaging, and Self Build LLC has been asked to look at this possibility. We are also talking to the various local groups to get their reactions and suggestions, an have been doing so for a few months now.

We are also talking to the Worldwide Library, to see if we can involve them more in the new design, some members favor the club becoming a division of the Worldwide Library and working towards common objectives. We have no objection to this if that is what the members want, and a working arrangement can be formed.

The next likely step is to define better the objectives of the club, and how it is to achieve this. 

We then envisage a public website, with helpful information for all authors and writers of all forms, and the formation of a management group.

We are still split between the idea of a completely free club as it is at present, being sponsored in some way and a club with a modest subscription to allow it to organize a bit more on its own. It would be nice to keep it free, but there again if it had some funds it would be able to achieve a great deal more and be useful to more people.

How to find out more:- watch this page for further announcements.