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Who to contact

If you are interested in working with projects or clubs then we suggest you talk to NAISC New Atlantis International services corporation that makes it al happen. there website is at 

If you have an interest in a specific club then please go to their website and see the direct contact to make.

New Atlantis

New Atlantis is an international organization, and you can contact us through any of the organizations we are connected with.

We would suggest the best direct general contact is by email at one of the email addresses in the table below

or by mail at 

Club Services

PO Box 887


GL52 9WY


Or Telephone  

  • UK 01242-678988 (as a last resort) Internationally this is +44 1242 678988, 
  • USA or Canada you may find it easier to leave message with Self Build Homes Club, New York office, on  212-465-2602 asking them to pass it on to New Atlantis, when the calls are directed through to the answering service you can also leave messages as they will still get to us.

email addresses

email addresses are in the format, with no spaces

Contact mailbox
General enquiry support
Report in web site problem support
The President of New Atlantis president
Council of the gods COG
Build project build-team
Independent Inquiry Society IIS
Communities project communities
Member support citizens
Audit and quality control audit
Others support

Please check individual websites for clubs and other entities for their own email addresses.

In most cases we do not answer directly but route your enquiry to the oarganssiation of person who we feel can best answer your query. IOf you dont get a reply in a reasonable time,  then contact the general contact above.