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Real world activities


Most organizations and businesses would say that they only operated in the real world, we however do not, we operate in both the real and virtual worlds.

Our real world activities are those that are tangible and have a direct positive effect on members and others.

This is all about improving peoples lives, finding ways to help them make their dreams come true, to become wealthy, and happy, have a nice home with either a small or no mortgage and enjoy life to the full. We go beyond this to the next stage of helping those who have reached this to play an active part in making others lives better as well, and in finding out the truth in many areas.

Our real world activities are in part, activities we influence, have enabled, but mostly through the proactive approach of stimulating more to happen and providing the support to allow it to. Therefore we identify, structure and create clubs, projects, companies. We provide support for those who have their own ideas, and encourage others where we can. As a part of the New Atlantis family others, now regulate and make this all happen.

Of course some will suspect our motives may not be fully to the benefit of those we help and to a degree they would be correct, in that the real world model we use has a feeling about it of 'what goes around, comes around', by this I mean that each action is not an act isolated from all others, and the solving of one persons need, employs others and creates solutions for needs that have yet to be identified, plus moves people forward to the point where the next need arises. Everyone benefits, and we move one step ahead. In many cases it is the person who has been helped that then spots another services, interest or a way to help others, and we have the driving force to move the next step. There perhaps is not as large a gap as some may have expected to find between the activities of New Atlantis the organization and New Atlantis International Services Corporation who have a more hands on managerial responsibility for making things run as intended.

If you took a theoretical community, with no resources or food, and no service they could sell, you can see that they would probably be in a bad way. The conventional reaction is the need for charity, to feed them, but next year they will be in exactly the same situation. Suppose instead we were to go and build a call center, put in a satellite communication system and teach them the fairly simple tasks associated with this. They now have an income and from this they can live a better life, but importantly they also become consumers and buy items produced by others, improving others lives as well. You may say yes this is happening, but it wasn't when we first wrote this.

In a similar way when we improve a persons life, they move ahead, old dreams are realized and they develop new dreams, new targets and require more help, some will switch from being on the receiving end to being a part of the supply chain, or in the provision of services, perhaps not completely through our networks, but if half the income for a new business was to come through us, you can see that achieving a good income is not anything like as difficult and the risks are removed.

So in stimulating the way we do, each transaction has a dual benefit, it helps the person receiving it, but also the provider of the service.

You may say that's great in theory, but someone always has to pay, and again you would be right, but again we have devised parts of our model, so that those who cannot either get a helping hand or more likely are shown a route that we have had put in. that empowers them to help themselves. We try in very few cases to provide what you might refer to as charity, but rather to find ways to empower people, perhaps with incentives that do not often  make commercial sense.  The concept of 'self build' creating your own life and wealth, has for a long time been one of our ways we could empower people to make rapid progress.

Other pages indexed under real world activities on the left, look at how the different aspects of our real world activities work and has in some cases links to the websites that will allow you to find out all the details. One thing however to remember, is that each organization, club or business is independent, we just all have a common direction we wish to travel in, and are following a common philosophy. We say they are a part of a family and we all help each other.


A few of the many who have been involved in  real world activities