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Fact Finding

This page needs updating, but is still valuable as it stands - this we hope to get done soon. 

With New Atlantis being involved in so much from producing TV dramas and running a TV production company, actors and models agencies, helping people get pensions organized, to get into home ownership and rescuing people with problems its sometimes overlooked that we started out as an organization looking at investigating routes through life.

In the beginning, some 40 plus years ago, a group of writers got together, and were discussing a visit to one of them by a person from a religious group who had knocked on his door, offering a perfect world in time to come, post resurrection. It was not the religious aspects that caused the discussion, but the definition of what would be a perfect world, and one put the case that lazzing about on a warm beach was his ideal, while another could not think of anything worse, hot and boring was  the way he saw it. Other aspects were discussed and this led on to a discussion on the paths through life and if at any given point all options were visible. This led to the setting up of the Choices Project. 

The choices projects involved loads of interview, studies, experiments and more. Some of these were huge like one looking at combinations of ways to control, body shape and weight in the 1980's. Some very public like the genealogy directory projects in the early 80's involving over 10,000 people.  Some were very secret covering ground that is not in the public domain, like how aids came about. and was spread. Most have never been published.

Over time the organization changed its name several times, becoming known as the Atlantis Project as it was looking in part at ways to ruin the ideal state, how different forms of government and more worked, eventually becoming New Atlantis to differentiate it from the legendary historic land and merging it with the concept of building a floating kingdom at some point in the future.

As its grown it has never lost the desire to get past lies, spin and corruption to the truth, and the section of New Atlantis that still continued this research become the Independent Inquiry Society (IIS) when clubs and societies started to be formed. This was not so much a desire to separate from New Atlantis, but to allow the safety of the group, research and information it holds, which luckily by the end of the 90's was not within our training and support center in the UK. To safeguard it further even the membership of both New Atlantis and the IIS has since the end of the 90's been completely secret, and maintained internationally.

Today the IIS continues its work, looking at, investigating, gaining inside information often and still avoiding publishing all its results for the public to read. It is unlikely that we will ever publish all of what we know as to do so would drop many people in it, who have shared knowledge with us, which is not in the public domain and it would also be likely that if we did try to publish, various government departments from a number of countries  would close down our servers to suppress the information. There is another reason why we cannot publish, some of  what we have discovered,  might cause unrest or upset and harm people.

Of course some information  we have published on web sites, books and booklets, and other information we could publish if we wished to, for example the results if the body shape and weight control project. Some information we decided to publish like a book on business and personal survival covering all eventualities from terrorism and comets to floods and corruption, but the external publisher failed to print it although commissioning it and initially liking it, we suspect he felt it was too controversial. We plan now to have the text updated and publish it on the Worldwide Library as an ebook, with free copies for all.

Partly because the IIS had gone secret and partly as we wanted to continue with the IIS  looking at the larger pictures and concepts, rather than individual cases, we set up another separate independent non profit company to run another organization. the Independent inquiry society's websites are at and  

Independent FactFinders (IF)  and (12 websites are registered) 

Independent FactFinders is a separate non profit organization, and its remit is to investigate individual situations. It so far has not published any results. We chose this name rather than a variation on the independent inquiry title as governments tend to use the term independent inquiry to mean an inquiry that they have set up, usually run by a person of their choice, who can be relied upon to report favorably to them, working under terms and conditions that they have set, usually working by employing large numbers of lawyers to present paper and evidence over a period at great expense,. These with everyone having to make statements in the public domain, so that they risk their jobs and pensions, if they fail to follow the agreed line. In fact about as far from our concept of a independent inquiry as you can get.

Factfinders were published by us in the early 80s, most connected with methods of genealogy research and record systems. These collected together raw facts, timelines identifying events, in a  structured format. These were  books without the padding, published as booklets, but researched fully and all facts double checked and then checked again.  The concept of this, searching out facts and double checking them avoiding padding and spin that gave the name of the new organization. 

Independent FactFinders have carried out many investigations, some fully, some partly until a level of uncertainty or problem arose. 

Independent FactFinders also feeds information to the Independent Inquiry Society and undertakes research for a number of other new Atlantis projects and a number of the clubs. For example they usually  take the first look at cases we may help through the Council of the Gods, and carries out both background research and anti corruption research for the Self Build Homes Club. With land prices changing so drastically due to planning consent and the large amounts of money to be made from property developments it is essential that we have a  permanent audit operation running in the background to make sure that those who work with up are genuinely on our side. 

At the moment most of this is done by volunteers, although some is commissioned, by later in 2005 the plan is for Independent FactFinders to have its own full time multi discipline investigating team. The current practice of undercover volunteers will still continue as a part of our anti corruption arrangements.

Why is this of interest to members and others.

You don't see it, hardly hear about what we find out, and the vast majority is never published so why is it of any interest.

Well it gives us the directions we can go in, it checks that what we are doing is working and after past experience reduces the chance of corruption effecting us in the future. 

We also get a lot of information, although we do not publish it, and this information often gives us an edge when dealing with others.