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Having reached this point within this site, even without visiting any of our other sites, you will realize we are in here to help you, and pleased that you will in turn help us and others. Working together we achieve so much more.

We have a number of sites aimed specifically at cooperating with other developers, and some of our sites offer special facilities such as being friendly systems that will work together or can be included within a part of your site, and appear to be  part of it with very little work on your part. We have developments in hand that will be announced shortly to help promote all sites and already within our virtual world sites and portals we link to many tens of thousands of sites.

Developing a new site.

Do you see a need for a site, and have the time and willing to put in the effort to develop it, then perhaps we should be working with you.

If its an education site or information site that is non commercial we can offer you free hosting, and far more, as well as many other forms of help. If you need volunteers we can also include the information within our volunteer site and if you want to work with other developers within our development sites.

If its a commercial site, we are still prepared to look at how we can work together, and if you don't have the ability to develop the site we may be able to do a partnership deal with our development company where no funding is needed. Basically we are open to look at how we can help you, and you can help either us or others.

Another possibilities that you could be a packager and produce the bones of a new business for a joint venture consortium to take on, and there is a website specifically on how to do this at 

The one commodity we are always so short of is time, so unfortunately we cannot offer free unlimited help to make your million dollar earning site. But we wish you well with it, and will help if we can by putting you in touch with a package developer, consortium or trust that can work with you.

Simple or complex

Some sites like this one, are very simple to develop, this was done completely with Microsoft FrontPage, and required few web skills, while you will see some of our virtual world sites are quite complex and required many days or weeks of work.  Some like start-page have many thousands of hours of research and data handling. Others like the exchanges are driven by databases, and  share data around a network of sites. The only point we would ask all developers is to remember that many individual as opposed to company users are still using ordinary telephone lines and slow modems, so make sure that adding clever graphics, movies etc do not make it too slow to use.

Where to look next
  •  the exchange site to see what is new that is now offering partnerships a a part of joint venture consortiums.
  • Business Club International 
  •  for a better idea as to how the real word activities all work
  • Start Page for some details on friendly systems
  • Internet Consortium for details on the central designs and software exchange details.