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New Atlantis explained

New Atlantis explained
 What can benefit you
Helping others for centuries to come

 What can benefit you

So today, what is happening that can help you

Models in training

Well it really depends on where you have reached within your life.

If you have reached a point where you have all the wealth and resolved all the problems in your life. then perhaps its time to look at the virtual world and applying your mind with us on how to help others.

If on the other hand you are still on your journey towards this point then perhaps we can assist you to move ahead faster than you could on your own. New Atlantis is a concept a family of organizations and individuals, that help each other and together we improve the lives of us all, as well as others that we come into contact with.

For some people, the chosen route will be joining a consortium and with others, becoming empowered and assisted to create a new enterprise that is both rewarding and challenging. Others may find the enterprise that they have run in turn helps them to improve their lives.

Lets take our interest in the world of property as an example.

We have been instrumental in establishing a range of clubs to help people with property, many of these are being converted to consortium opportunities so  a number of people will get the chance to become involved in developing each of these, and sharing in the profit that this generates, consortiums have a great many advantages over going sole, including sharing expertise, and being able to also continue with your exciting life and income. They allow many people who would traditionally just never have been in the right place at the right time, taken up an opportunity or had the confidence to make the step on their own.

If you can afford your own home, then the Self Build Homes Club, can show you how you can have a home of your own design built for far less than you would realize, for example its usually about a 40% saving compared to buying the same house in the same area in Britain, or have for the same amount as you would expect to pay get a far larger and nicer home. This club can also share information with you to empower you to take decisions and help you via its work books, to work out exactly what you want and can help you both produce a definition and help you find a plot to build on, often combining the needs of a number of members together to make use of sites or go looking for suitable sites.

If you cannot afford to get a home of your own, this same club may help, just by being able to make a considerable saving reduces the entry costs, but also there is another non profit organization the affordable homes project that looks for ways of getting plots and homes  at lower costs with at least a 50% saving. 

Lets assume that time moves on and you have a nice home but now want to look at creating wealth and building a pension fund, then self build offers this as above through the same club, but there is also the Property Pension Club available to help you understand and become involved in buy to let and property investment. 

Perhaps things are now running well for you and you want a holiday home well the Property Pension Club also covers this, and a new club is being developed at the moment called the Holiday Property Club.

Of course this is only the property world we could look at the internet, photography, acting and modeling or many other areas and find many similar examples.

It may appear that I have not told you anything that we are doing, just what others are, however each of these was set up at our instigation, and we have put in place the arrangements to allow joint venture consortiums to come about, and persuaded people it is in their interest to share the work they have done in establishing these with others.

We go further though New Atlantis International Services Corporation, now independent but set up by us,  it not only supports these and others but we also runs specific schemes such as the points programme in conjunction with the Self Build Homes Club, within this you can earn the points to join the club, to get goods  and even a 200,000 grant towards your home. This however throws up some resources as well that can be used to support more projects and clubs to get going and for some other activities.

Similarly the Worldwide library, also now independent was established by us, as was a number of other organizations.

Through the redevelopment of the new economic model, with now a larger number of organizations focused on spreading the philosophy of helping yourself by helping others, we have opened up the scope from a small number who have clearly benefited to the opportunity for many more thousands to.

What is on offer may depend what country you are in and what support we currently have developed there. As an international organization we try to cover many countries but are strongest in the English speaking ones.

At a practical level the activities often referred to as the New Atlantis family, is divided into three areas, the real world managed by New Atlantis International Services Corporation, who commission and franchise everything just about under their control, The World Wide Library who look after information, books, information for club members, the New Atlantis family and public information, and new Atlantis ourselves where we look after the philosophy, concepts the virtual and imaginary area, and honor kingdom.

The buttons on the left cover a variety of topics and by exploring these you will get a better idea as to what we are doing now.

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