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New Atlantis explained

New Atlantis explained
 What can benefit you
Helping others for centuries to come

Helping others for centuries to come

So far we have looked at what New Atlantis is, an idea as to what we can do to improve peoples lives and how a family of organizations are involved headed by three organizations.
Although this all may seem an enormous task, remember we have been building this for over 40 years, usually with a few steps forward, a step back and moving forward again. Over this time we have developed and adapted, and with the new economic model devised a way that so many more people can benefit, however this is not the end, we are only just started. 

We would like to do more, we know how to solve the world energy needs, feed and house the population of the world and far more, all at very little relative cost, but we always have to be realistic and concentrate for now on what we can achieve. So the virtual part of the New Atlantis family still has a great deal more to achieve, to consider, to plan for and to find ways to make the near impossible happen.

But lets get back to you, not today  or maybe tomorrow but in a little whiles time. Ok, all is great, you have a home, holiday home, pension sorted and more, and want to make a difference to other peoples lives. At this point you turn to the Council Of The Gods, nothing to do with religion, this is a part of New Atlantis that maintains a roll of honor of those who may like to assist people who could do with help. Some may think of those on the role as angels, they tell us what sort of person or situation they would like to help out,  and we find the situation for them to be able to do this. They know who and how they have helped but its low key, no publicity, or even a meeting in most cases. To those on the receiving end its like a gift from the gods, something that they were not expecting a helping hand from someone they do not know and could never have expected to help them.

Another course open is to act as a packager, this is the title we give to the people, or groups of people who develop joint venture consortium opportunities, they devise a business, develop it to start, do a great deal of the research, development, may develop websites and even go out and buy real estate, such as houses to put in it, then they package it all up in such a way that people with limited knowledge or previous experience can come along and together as a group take over this at the very point it is nearing the point it can launch and earn income, and receive some reward but not comparable with what those who area part of the consortium get.

It would be impossible short of a document the size of an encyclopedia, to tell you all that is available now and could be, and even if we could it would be out of date as so much is happening each week. I can tell you is that you too can join in, can make a difference, benefit yourself and help not only many others now, but be a part of something that will benefit people for centuries to come.

The buttons on the left take you some of what is happening, and the links take you to other parts of the family showing further ranges of activities.


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