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Summer 2005
Xmas 2004 and a look forward to 2005.

Xmas 2004 and a look forward to 2005.

Yet another update to the internet system has now been made as well as splitting out the kingdom information from the real world activities.

Two new topic pages have been included reflecting new area of activity planned over the coming months.

A number of the clubs have specific projects that are just starting, the Self Build Homes Club having two, one looking at creating landmark homes and the second a project we have been keen to encourage looking at providing affordable homes.

The next items to look out for are more derails on affordable homes projects, and major developments by Property Club International, who we see making major strides to cover much more of the world in 2005.

2005 should see many projects that have been in formation for some years start to become of wider use to people, and the Worldwide library is probably the one that will get the widest coverage.

No major developments are expected in the build project in 2005, but the virtual kingdom may again open its register of members and trusts. Later in 2005 it will be time again to look at the peoples princess project (see kingdom site for explanation, if you need one) to see if it is a good time to move ahead on this, as you may know this was put back a few years ago now and has not up to now been considered fully again.

COG will continue in the background, helping some, but with the capability to help more perhaps.

A summary of what we can expect in 2005 is more, continuing steady secure development, and of course the opportunity to help to improve the lives of very many more people.

PS - The new economic models implementation is moving ahead and should be live by the summer.