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Prior to 1999 most operations we ran were run directly by New Atlantis, and from our UK HQ, which by that time was a large house with pool, guest suites, conference facilities and more. Clubs and projects were mostly run as divisions of New Atlantis, but this we discovered made us far too vulnerable to corrupt action by others, and we were very badly hit by this in 1998 and 1999. 

This necessitated a complete rethink, how could we run things to help members and others, but at a lower risk and far greater guarantee that corruption would not effect us so much again. The solution we came up with was to fragment the way things were run and to turn the operation fully international.

We also put in place a major study that we and others became involved in to discover and develop a better way to run and to allow us to grow. This new economic model was not something we could come up with in a short period so we decided to handle it in a two stage process, to keep as much running and allow new projects to develop we would as a first stage switch to a system using trusts, and service providers, where clubs and organizations were trusts and those providing services to them service providers.

However from the members viewpoint the projects they join in have to still be local to them and easy for them to enjoy. We also had to keep down costs.

Clubs became separate entities,  and spread around different countries, a projects is often a separate entity rather than being part of a club that set it up, and services are provided through a commissioning structure, with commissioning companies and commissioned suppliers. It all sounds very complex, but is not in reality.

Therefore we now come up with an identified need and set up an organization or club to undertake this. It is possible because we have already put in a support arrangement internationally, for this to be able to be run economically. The club or organization itself or in cooperation with a commissioning company, commissions all services and help it needs, rather than trying to provide it itself. This can cope with increasing needs faster and is more expandable internationally as well as more robust.

We no longer have large center, or try to put up members, run long residential courses or keep all records centrally, and are no longer vulnerable to the degree were were before. In fact the new arrangement work so well that we wonder now why we did not think of running thing like this before. Before one of the biggest problems we encountered was being able to expand up services to meet sudden or temporary need. The commissioning route overcomes this, although we still try to get clubs who overlap in the use of service providers, to co-operate to make sure that they can cope  well, and don't run membership promotions at the same time.

We do still have a few sections that have remained a part of New Atlantis itself, this includes the Independent Inquiry Society (IIS), and the Council Of The Gods, although some roles that IIS were involved in have been passed on to the Independent, Independent FactFinders organization.

As a part of the original concepts of New Atlantis and within the virtual world side we have always had New Atlantis trusts. Most companies who supply service and clubs and other groups have acquired New Atlantis trust status. As an honor based society each goes to extreme lengths not to let another down and deals completely honorably with each other. Holding trust status is therefore like being a member of a completely trusting and honorable family, where each will support the other. Although they have agreements or contracts between them, this is for clarity not a legal need. The word from one trust to another is absolute. This allows a level of trust and openness that it would just not be wise to even consider when dealing with the world at large.

We try as far as it is sensible to go to carry forward these concepts when dealing with others, however clearly there are limits as to how far this can be done.

The next major development was the full development of the new economic model, and I wont cover that on this page as it is covered on other pages,  which brings us up to date, well almost, so much is always happening that yesterday is always history.