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Welcome to

the main web site and index to other websites of 

Dedicated to improving the quality of people lives

An International  non profit organization, with no paid staff, not connected
 with any religious or political organization, and a history
 going back over 40 years.

Making a real difference in  the real world and developing projects
 in the virtual world

New Atlantis is not now so much an organization as a family of organizations, some non profit, some clubs, some businesses, working together with a common objective, and together we can make a real difference. New Atlantis the organization is the founder of these concepts and fully involved with driving this forward, helping to create new concepts and ideas and empower more people and organizations be become involved.

This website is our main website and index to approaching 150 other specialist websites and projects sites. This website is mostly about concepts, it briefly covers topics and in most cases provides some ideas as to where to find more information. New sections and updated pages are happening regularly.

The buttons on the left, allow you to get an overview of what we are all about, undertake and some of our projects and see links to other organizations and projects as well as our own websites. 

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